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Grouper API javadoc and cross-referenced source code is at . The master branch is updated twice per month by a cron job on i2midev6 (service user grprdist) , and pulled via rsync to webprod3. The site including javadoc can also be built locally from the script in Git grouper/misc/ Or, the simple Maven command mvn -f grouper-parent --clean site site-deploy will be enough to generate the site. The site directive will build the site locally in a subdirectory of grouper-parent, and site-deploy will stage it in directory /tmp/groupersite.

Between 2014 and 2019, the git branch gh-pages was updated with the javadoc on every commit, which effectively published it on . That method has been decommissioned due to the size explosion in the git repository. The main page of the site now redirects to the site.

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