Initializing Administration of Grouper Privileges

GrouperSystem is the root-like principal used to manage assignment of privileges in Grouper. In addition to GrouperSystem, externally authenticated members of the wheel group can choose when to act with root-like privileges.

If you've enabled the wheel group, you must create it and add members. GrouperShell acts as GrouperSystem and can bootstrap the necessary naming stem(s), group, and memberships.

Enabling the Wheel Group

The wheel group is enabled and named in conf/ :

# A wheel group allows you to enable non-GrouperSystem subjects to act
# like a root user when interacting with the registry.
groups.wheel.use                      = true

# Set to the name of the group you want to treat as the wheel group.
# The members of this group will be treated as root-like users.                    = etc:sysadmingroup

Automatically Creating the Wheel Group

To automatically create the wheel group :

configuration.autocreate.system.groups = true

Using GrouperShell to Create the Wheel Group

To create the wheel group using GrouperShell :

gsh 0% addRootStem("etc", "Grouper Administration")
stem: name='etc' displayName='Grouper Administration' uuid='f7687876-2c94-4635-997c-f2793fb8152d'
gsh 1% addGroup("etc", "sysadmingroup", "SysAdmin Group")
group: name='etc:sysadmingroup' displayName='Grouper Administration:SysAdmin Group' uuid='6f77fb36-b466-481a-84a7-7af609f1ad09

Adding Members to the Wheel Group

Whether you've set the wheel group to be automatically created, or you've used GrouperShell to create it, you'll need to add members to the wheel group. Once the wheel group is established, and things are working, the person designated as wheel can use the UI or use GrouperShell to manage other wheel members. Here is an example using GrouperShell:

gsh 0% addMember("etc:sysadmingroup", "SD00125")

In this example "SD00125" is the subjectId of a person, as determined outside of gsh by, in this case, an LDAP query to a directory that acts as a subject source to Grouper:

% ldapsearch \-b dc=kitn,dc=edu uid=tbarton
dn: kitnEduPersonRegId=SD00125,ou=people,dc=kitn,dc=edu
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: kitnEduPerson
kitnEduPersonRegId: SD00125
cn: Barton, Tom
sn: Barton
description: Professor, Mathematics
uid: tbarton

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