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  • Grouper uPortal integration
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 This topic is discussed in the "Grouper Connectors" training video.

Differences between uPortal and Grouper

  • uPortal expects an "Everyone" group which has all groups in it, for browsing.  Grouper uses folders for browsing.  To mitigate this, we could have the connector represent the folders as groups.  One issue is that a folder could have the same name as a group
  • uPortal does not have fodlers for groups, there is a namespace which is the group store name, then the group is inside.  The group name in uPortal can be the full name (including folder names) in Grouper with colons etc
  • uPortal expects to navigate by getting the immediate members of a group, and iterating from there.  However, this might not work for composite Grouper groups.


  • none


  • Implement the "contains" method (indicates whether a given group or entity is a member of another group)
  • Add an optional uPortal folder root in the connector so that uPortal groups can be sandboxed out from the rest of Grouper (similar to the Kuali Rice integration)
  • Get the code to populate group objects with the display name or description
  • Check out uPortal from svn, and get the grouper connector working
  • Implement findContainingGroups for group types (appears to only be implemented for non-group entity types)


# Stem where uPortal groups are.  The uPortal group keys are still fully qualified
# but must start with this prefix
uportal.stem = school:apps:uportal:groups


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