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The Subject API Diagnostics screen is an administrative screen for Grouper admins to troubleshoot and verify subject API sources.

This is on by default in a 2.3.0 patch or 2.3.1+.


Set this in the to customize this enhancement

# should show subject api diagnostics? = true
# put in a group here if you want to allow the subject API diagnostics to certin users.  
# note, admins can always see the screen =

Run from GSH

If the UI doesnt start (temporarily)

gsh.exitOnSubjectCheckConfigProblem = false

if gsh doesnt start, try:

  1. take source out of
  2. start gsh and get prompt
  3. add source back in to
  4. run this in GSH

    GrouperUtil.assignField(edu.internet2.middleware.subject.provider.SourceManager.class, null, "manager", null, null);
    -- continue below --


new edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.grouperUi.serviceLogic.SubjectSourceDiagnostics().assignSourceId("SMUPerson_DEV").assignSubjectId("empl1").assignSubjectIdentifier("").assignSearchString("em").subjectSourceDiagnosticsFromGsh()
SUCCESS: Found subject by id in 37ms: 'empl1'
         with SubjectFinder.findByIdAndSource("empl1", "SMUPerson_DEV", false)
SUCCESS: Subject id in returned subject matches the subject id searched for: 'empl1'
WARNING: No subject found by identifier in 14ms: ''
         with SubjectFinder.findByIdentifierAndSource("", "SMUPerson_DEV", false)


Go to the New UI, click on Miscellaneous, then click on "Subject API diagnostics"


If you have an account on the demo server you can see the diagnostics there:


Note: email attribute is not validated

SUCCESS: The emailAttributeName is configured to be: 'mail'
SUCCESS: The email address '' was found and has a valid format

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