This is a future enhancement to make files available to download through the UI (v2.5.48+)

Grouper can provide a file for a user or a group via UI link

There are some attributes on a subject or a group (future) that can allow a file to be retrieved from the UI.

AttributeSample valueDescription
assignable to group (future) or individuals, multi-assign
grouperSecureFileIdabc123the uuid used from the browser to retrieve the file, will download the file from the browser after checking security
grouperSecureFileCreatedOnMillis12345millis since 1970 that this was created
grouperSecureFileDeleteMinutesAfterDownload60number of minutes to delete the file after download.  If zero, then delete after successful download
grouperSecureFileDeleteOnMillis12346millis since 1970 that this should be deleted
grouperSecureFileLastDownloadOnMillis123456time this was last downloaded
grouperSecureFileDbPointerabc123uuid of the grouper_file record
grouperSecureFileSentToTypeuser|groupto keep track of each user downloading the file

Attributes will not be stored in PIT

Audit when downloading a file

URL to download a file:

Link to delete after download?


  1. Look for grouperSecureFileDeleteOnMillis in past, remove that attribute assignment
  2. Look for files older than X (30 days?) with no grouperSecureFileDeleteOnMillis, assume orphaned, delete those
  3. Look for grouper files (table) with system name: grouperSecureFile, which do not have any pointers to it, and delete those

UI to see files (future)

See a list of files when in the UI with download links, and maybe delete options

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