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Welcome emails

By changing the above configuration slightly, one can send out welcome emails to someone who is added to a group.  In our implementation, we added the rules notification to the policy group that is provisioned, so as to take into consideration any deny groups.  












${ (safeSubject.emailAddress?safeSubject.emailAddress:'') }


Email Subject….


Hello ${}, \n\n Some Welcome Text

For our use case, we wanted to configure a welcome email to go out when someone opted into a group, in this case for Adobe Creative Cloud, assuming they are in scope to opt into the group.  Below is a visualization of our configuration.

The welcome email is configured on the provisionable Grouper group called "creative_cloud_users."  The "adobe_creative_cloud_opt_in" Grouper group is a group that anyone can opt-in if they are a member of the the "adobe_creative_in_scope" group.  As you can see in the image above, there are 16k eligible people who could opt-in to the Adobe Creative Cloud Grouper group, but only 676 have, of which only 652 are eligible; I pre-loaded people into the "adobe_creative_cloud_opt_in" group which is why there are 676 members but only 652 are eligible.  

Note: when you first create a Grouper group that has a rule on it, a daemon will be created in a few minutes called "CHANGE_LOG_consumer_grouperRules."  To troubleshoot grouperRules, review the logs from this daemon.  

HTML welcome emails

To send out HTML welcome emails, one needs to perform the above but make the following edits:

  1. Ensure that etc:attribute:rules:ruleThenEnumArg2 has valid HTML including doctype; see below for an example

Example valid HTML for etc:attribute:rules:ruleThenEnumArg2

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<title>Welcome to the X group</title>

<p>Hello ${},</p>

<p>Welcome to the X group</p>



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