In order to fix suspected performance issues with pspng, and in order to not require a lot of configuration changes in the 2.5 upgrade, lets start using the "Grouper provisioning in UI" attributes.

Note, in addition to using those attributes we would also start using the "sync" tables to keep track of syncs and state in target systems


StepTypeDescriptionWho / when
1upgrade task

Configure provisioner (grouper_sync) in  Link to pspng config

Configure sync jobs (grouper_sync_job) in other jobs (e.g. one for incremental, one for full)


grouper team

upgrade task

Script to migrate from provision_to and do_not_provision_to to new attributes (e.g. run from installer).
Delete provision_to and do_not_provision_to attributes


grouper team

upgrade task

groupSelectionExpression, attributesUsedInGroupSelection, attributesUsedInGroupSelectionExpressionAreComparedToProvisionerName

These need to be removed if they are the default. 
Otherwise we need to see what people use, and make sure we incorporate
that in the new grouper provisioning attributes.  We should do a quick study of this and
introduce an expression (new feature) for provisioning attributes which will probably work for all existing needs.
Add in feature that could require "policy" group tags in order to be provisionable (maybe identify which tags are needed, not just policy).

4grouper team

When a full or incremental starts.  Get or create the grouper_sync and grouper_sync_job records via Grouper API, register as running or 
wait until other jobs are done.  Keep the records up to date in thread (via API or example?).  Update the grouper_sync_group
attributes after group syncs are accomplished

Dont repeat full syncs anymore if changes are made

Dont pause after a sync is made anymore

5grouper team

In full and incrementals, call the framework method to sync up the grouper_sync_group table with provisioning attributes

Use the grouper_sync_group table as the indicator as to if a group is provisionable or not.  Framework methods can batch select / create / update these

Update the group, member, and membership "in target" attributes as applicable.  Batch save with framework methods


optional for first release

grouper team

Start to use the data fields in the grouper sync tables.  e.g. record counts, log statements, provisioned IDs for groups and users, etc

optional for first release

grouper team

We can batch select stuff from the grouper database based on the sync tables so there are fewer queries during syncs. 
e.g. for incrementals, can batch select a lot of stuff in grouper that might be needed.
e.g. for full syncs, can batch select a lot of stuff in grouper that might be needed.
not sure if group syncs could benefit

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