This should be run before each release.

  1. Start up Docker
  2. Make sure this is set in

    # if the sql provisioning tests should be included when running all tests (default false)
    # {valueType: "boolean", required: true}
    junit.test.sqlProvisioning = true
    # make sure docker is there
    # {valueType: "boolean", required: true}
    junit.test.ldap.dinkel = true
    # http port to look for to see if tomcat has started, e.g. 8500
    # {valueType: "integer", defaultValue: "8080"}
    junit.test.tomcat.port = 8400
  3. Make sure this is set in = false = true
  4. Remove local or database configs that might conflict (LDAP external system or subject source)
  5. Start a UI
  6. Run this test:

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