The info on this page applies to Grouper v4 and above.

A provisioner can identify some metadata (specific to that provisioner) for various object types (stems, groups, subjects, memberships) and use those while provisioning.

Configure metadata

Configure externalized text

Assign metadata

Example 1

An example is a provisioner could have a group name mapping as a provisioning attribute, so not all groups in grouper need to uniformly map to groups in the target.

There can be a default value if not assigned to an object

${grouperUtil.defaultString(grouperProvisioningGroup.retrieveAttributeValueString('md_grouper_emailListName'), grouperProvisioningGroup.extension)}

Example 2

The AD admin would like "O365" in the group description attribute to signify that the group should be provisioned from Active Directory to O365.  

  1. Change the description attribute to be an expression which uses the metadata if there, or the group description if not.

    ${grouperUtil.defaultString(grouperProvisioningGroup.retrieveAttributeValueString('md_grouper_o365'), grouperProvisioningGroup.retrieveAttributeValueString('description'))}
  2. Create a metadata in the provisioning configuration named md_grouper_o365 which is a drop down with one value "O365"
  3. Configure the externalized text (can do this from UI):
    Note: myAdProvisioner is the provisioner configId

    md_grouper_o365_myAdProvisioner_label = O365:
    md_grouper_o365_myAdProvisioner_description = Select O365 to have this group provisioned from AD to O365

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