This is for Grouper 2.5+.  Note: we will have an automatic upgrade task to migrate to this system from the legacy pspng provision_to and do_not_provision_to attributes.

To identify a group or folder to be provisioned, use the UI provisioning screens to mark a group or folder as provisionable with the 2.4 generic provisioning attributes.

See this wiki for an example

Provisionable attribute

Can query with one join to attribute assign and attribute assign value

Note on upgrade to or passed 2.5.42, the full provisioning daemon must run to change provisioningDoProvision from T to provisionerId

TODO Check enabled on both attribute assignments

Attribute on group/folderAttribute on assignmentValueDescription

provisioningTargetprovisionerIdWhat provisioner is this set of attributes about

provisioningDoProvisionprovisionerIdIf provisioning to this target, set the provisionerId here
(or attribute will not be assigned)

provisioningDirectAssignT | FF if inherited from folder

provisioningOwnerStemIdabc123ID of folder if inherited from there

provisioningStemScopeALL | ONE ?If assigned to folder, then is it children or descendants

provisioningMetadataJson{"a":"b"}If there is metadata then put name/value pairs here


Folder "afolder" provisionable for target
Folder "afolder : bfolder" not provisionable for target
Group "afolder : bfolder : cgroup" wouldnt have attributes on it
Folder "afolder : cfolder" stemScope ONE
Group "afolder : cfolder : dfolder : egroup" would still get provisioned per the settings on afolder

Folder "afolder : dfolder" provisioning only policy groups
Group "afolder : dfolder : fgroup" is not a policy group so wouldnt have attributes on it

Propagating provisioning

Daemon needs to

  1. Full sync provisioning attributes
  2. Daily
  3. Need to not conflict with something doing incremental propogation


  1. Provisioning daemon / incremental
  2. * In each full daemon / incremental
    1. In future could picture a "full attribute provisioning daemon" that doesnt run at same time but doesnt full sync

New features for provisioning identification

  1. By default, if you mark a folder as provisionable, then all groups in that stemScope will be effectively provisionable
  2. Globally in the provisioner config, you could set defaults for:
    1. If only policy groups (group → grouperObjectTypeMarker → grouperObjectTypeName = "policy") (check enabled)
    2. Regex on group name

Algorithm (full)

Method kicked off from provisioner full sync

Select folders Select all folders with provisioningTarget = provisionerId

Get all folders and all provisioning attributes for target.

Columns: stemId, stemName, attributeName, attributeValue

	grouper_stems gs,
	grouper_attribute_assign gaa_target_marker,
	grouper_attribute_assign gaa_target,
	grouper_attribute_assign_value gaav_target,
	grouper_attribute_def_name gadn_target,
	grouper_attribute_def_name gadn_marker,
	grouper_attribute_assign gaa_config,
	grouper_attribute_assign_value gaav_config,
	grouper_attribute_def_name gadn_config
	gs.ID = gaa_target_marker.owner_stem_id
	AND gaa_target_marker.enabled = 'T'
	AND = gaa_target_marker.attribute_def_name_id
	AND gadn_marker.NAME = 'etc:provisioning:provisioningMarker'
	AND = gaa_target.owner_attribute_assign_id
	AND gaa_target.enabled = 'T'
	AND gaa_target.attribute_def_name_id = gadn_target.ID
	AND gadn_target.NAME = 'etc:provisioning:provisioningTarget'
	AND gaav_target.value_string = 'myTargetId'
	AND = gaa_config.owner_attribute_assign_id
	AND gaa_config.enabled = 'T'
	AND gaav_config.attribute_assign_id =
	AND = gaa_config.attribute_def_name_id
Select folder id's in folders with attributesSelect all folder id's with an ancestor folder with
provisioningTarget = provisionerId

Select groups with attributeSelect all groups with provisioningTarget = provisionerIdGet all groups and all provisioning attributes for target
Select group id's in folders with attributesSelect all group id's with an ancestor folder with
provisioningTarget = provisionerId
So we know which groups are missing the provisioning
Assign minimal missing provisioning attributesIf a folder/group is in a folder (and stemScope) of a provisionable folder
then make sure theres
  • provisioningMarker
  • provisioningTarget
  • provisioningOwnerId
  • provisioningDirectAssign

Update the database and your memory representation

Check and see if provisioner-wide or in any folder
filtering by policy only
If so, join groups with provisioningTarget with policy joinSee which provisioning groups are policy groups
Process each group, calculate if provisionable
  1. If regex, see if group name matches
  2. If policy only, see if policy group
  3. If folder provisionable and in stem scope

Assign the provisioningDoProvision to folders and groups

Algorithm (incremental)

Method kicked off from provisioner incremental sync


Look at actions

  • Group create/update
  • Folder create
  • Policy group assign/unassign
  • Provisioning attributes for this target change

Provision based on other critieria

If you want to provision based on other attributes, either assign the provisioning attributes, or have a hook or CLC that assigns the provisioning attributes

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