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In Grouper 2.5.0 patches we will support BLOBS in the database.  Here are some ideas

  1. Use this for reports, workflow forms, etc
  2. Have a table with the following cols

    Table:  GROUPER_LOB
    the_content_blobblobwhatever needs to be stored in blob form
    used_fromvarchar(40)e.g. "attribute".  If used by other things
    then put a different label in
    content_size_bytesnumber(12)number of bytes the clob uses
    create_timenumber(12)millis since 1970 when this was created
    creator_idvarchar(40)member_id of creator
    file_namevarchar(200)optional file name
    modify_timenumber(12)millis since 1970 when this was updated
    modifier_idvarchar(40)member_id of last updater

    starting with 1, increment each time the content

    is updated

  3. Add an attribute value type of "blob"
  4. Add a column to grouper_attribute_assign_value 

    grouper_lob_idvarchar(40)id col of the GROUPER_LOB table
  5. We need a temp dir and lobs will stream from files to database and back.  Will be in a unique directory.  Will get cleaned out if older than X days.  Process that uses the LOB should also delete when done.
    1. If we need LOB to persist longer than can be moved to another directory for their prupose
  6. Have a UI to give some support to lobs for admins
  7. Add a clob to grouper_config table

    data_typevarchar(20)value or clob
    config_value_clobclobvalue if longer than 3.5k
    config_value_clob_bytesnumber(12)size of clob in bytes
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