Grouper v2.1 Planning



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Real-time incremental LDAPPC-NG 


LDAP Grouper loader (done)


Grouper entities in namespace   (done)


Hibernate upgrade   (done)



Grouper WS/client group/s item finder sorting/paging   (done)


Subject attribute WS security  (Chris will do)


Always available read-only client  - ( Chris might do)


Grouper WS attr/permission expansion - ( Chris might do)


uPortal integration update  -

Shilen got some info from partners in France, but no coding work done yet


Permissions notification (Shilen will do)  JIRA 611



Local Entities?



Note: this list is from the minutes of the Grouper-dev call on Oct. 26, 2011. Please update with newer status.

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