NOTE: The features mentioned below are  implemented as described here

Grouper 2.4 allows you to mark groups or folders as certain types form the Grouper Deployment Guide (GDG).  The groups do not need to be in the GDG recommended folder structure (to give flexibility and to accomodate legacy deployments).  Can groups have more than one type?

The groups will be described in the "view group" page so it is more easily apparent to know what the group is and how it is used.

Grouper could have some global READ or VIEW groups for some of the group types.  e.g. grouperBasisGroupReaders

Groups could have a feature that describes the group composition:

  • This group has include/exclude.  
  • The system of record consists of 3 reference groups: A,B,C.  
  • The includes group is an ad hoc group with 10 members, and the excludes group is an ad hoc group with no members.

Groups could offer an explanation of someone's membership (e.g. will tell why they are in or not in the group)

  • Entity John Smith does not have access to the wiki because:
    • Entity is not in the loaded group: English Department Staff
    • Entity is not in the ad hoc group: wiki includes
    • Entity is in the loaded group: Math Department Staff but is also in the excludes group

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