See also Container for Grouper 2.5 for additional details .

Developer workflow


Maven central jars

On each commit, snapshots will be committed


On tag, release the jars


Build container


Maven tasks

Compile and jar will be done in maven.  Jars will be housed in maven central.  

Maven is not needed by anyone except the CI/CD or script that maven compiles and stores jars to maven central.  devs dont need it.  container doesnt need it.  plugin devs need to get jars from maven.  institutions running grouper dont need maven.

no snapshots

build versions
  1. when certain type of tag, e.g. GROUPER_RELEASE_2.5.8, it would make the real release jars
    1. Travis sees tag, pulls down source code
    2. Runs mvn versions command to assign version locally (in git in pom the version is 2.4-SNAPSHOT)
    3. Compile 
    4. e.g. grouper-2.5.8.jar
    5. Publish to staging branch
    6. Manually release it in maven (whoever tags to do this)
    7. Automatic ci/cd based on tag format (low priority)
  2. publish to maven central automatically (low priority)

remove jars from git
  1. Remove 3rd party jars from git
  2. Add the git dependency command in readme
  3. "ant dev" to get jars from dependency jars and copy to webapp/WEB-INF/lib

build jars

Each project should have

  1. normal classfile jar
  2. source jar (low priority)
  3. test jar (low priority) (if there are test classes)
  4. test source jar (low priority) (if there are test classes)
  5. javadoc jar? (low priority)


every commit, compile everything and run tests (low priority)

can there be a notification if build breaks (to core list)? (low priority)

what needs to change after build?


Instead of hard coding grouper version we would get that from manifest from jar

maven grouperParent
  1. should build everything in grouper, using local filesystem builds as dependencies
  2. e.g. if something in grouper is dependent on something in grouper client, and that isnt in maven yet, the build should succeed
  3. only build from parent (assumption)

maven grouperClient

get maven working on client jars.  ant currently works for this, see build.xml

  1. src/ext and src/java should be compiled with no dependencies
  2. src/testSource can use all of above and jars
  3. low priority, see if shade can easily (not take a lot of time to get working),
    manage the "ext" source jars to be put in the same classpath (since used elsewhere)

maven grouper

get maven making the grouper jars

  1. grouper depends on client
  2. source dir and test dir, pretty simple

maven grouper ui

get maven working for ui jars

  1. ui depends on grouper (and transitively, client)
  2. source dir and test dir, pretty simple

maven grouper ws

get maven working for ws jars

  1. classfile jar has source from: src/grouper-ws, src/grouper-ws_v2_0, ... , src/grouper-ws_v2_4 (not there yet but will be)  all the src dirs
  2. test jar has source from: src/test, (low priority) grouper-ws-java-generated-client/src?, (low priority) grouper-ws-java-manaual-client/src/java-manual-client?, (low priority) grouper-ws-test/src/test?

maven grouper scim

this is grouper-ws/grouper-ws-scim, get maven working for jars

  1. source and test dir, not too complicated
  2. add dependent jars to project

maven pspngshould be ready to go right?
maven box connector

maven installernote, we should just move this to the client, right?
maven duo connector

maven activemq messaging connector

maven aws messaging connector

maven rabbitmq messaging connector

maven remedy connector

Ant tasks

Ant can be used for various minimal tasks and for packaging up tarballs.  Maven is used for compile/jar

Ant taskDescriptionAll projects or just some
checkDependenciessee if grouper, grouper client, or whatever dependencies are theremost
devcopy jars to webapp/WEB-INF/libwebapps
makeContainermake the dir for grouper api.  download jars from maven central with ant-maven plugin (grouper jars and third party jars).  make the uber webapp dir that contains everything.  should be ready for docker container.  assume everything is checked out from git.
java2wsdltake javabeans make ws wsdlws
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