First off get familiar with the read-mode

This page shows UI features of configuration and how to change / delete / import

Updates for v2.5.XX (some build number)

We will add the following enhancements

  1. Adjust ordering so related things are displayed near each other
  2. Filter on the view screen for
    1. key substring
    2. value substring
    3. if its configured in database
    4. if its configured in override file
  3. Export config.  Will not export passwords or encrypted passwords.  Will allow download of properties file for each type of config
  4. Add externalized text files to be able to be overridden in database.  Note, these files are huge so they will not display by default
  5. Allow a textarea to be able to "import" from screen multiple values
  6. Keep point in time configuration audit changes and allow reverting the changes
  7. Add ability to have value in a CLOB to support values longer than 4k
  8. If a config key (case insensitive) contains pass, secret, or private it will be encrypted by Grouper in the DB by default

Import configuration into the DB

This is the first step to getting going with DB configuration.  See this example

Add config item

Note: we are evolving to having a lot of things as configured with wizards.  So, make sure theres not another way to configure things (e.g. databases, sources, pspng configs, etc)

Edit a config entry

Editing a config entry will add a database config if not already in the database or edit an existing config

Delete a config entry

This is for configuration in the database, you cant delete it if it is in config files.  Also, editing and blanking out might or might not effectively "delete" the config.  The delete button only shows if the config is in the database

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