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This document lists instructions for people with existing groups installations on how to upgrade to newer versions of grouper (or grouper related products).  If you notice something missing please let us know.  The instructions are in descending order based on date/release.  You will find instructions below for Grouper, Grouper-ws, Grouper-ui, GSH, USDU, etc.  It is assumed if you are running grouper-ui that you will perform both the grouper upgrade notes, and the grouper-ui upgrade notes.  These steps start from 2008/05/14, after that date things will be more accurate.  It is understood that you will get the new source/javadoc/etc files, this document addresses configurations, jars, etc.


  • 2008/09/03: Merge the with, get the new params about grouperall and groupersystem params
  • 2008/09/03: v1.3.1 RC1: Add the following jars:
    • lib/commons-cli-1.1.jar
    • libAnt/ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Add the following jars:
    • commons-betwixt
    • jakarta-oro
    • jsr107cache-1.0.jar
    • invoker.jar
    • backbort-util-concurrent-3.0.jar
    • cglib2.1_3.jar
    • ehcache-1.4.0.jar
    • asm.jar
    • asm-attrs.jar
    • asm-util.jar
    • hibernate3.2.6.jar
    • p6spy.jar
    • c3p0-
    • jamon-2.7.jar
    • commons-lang-2.1.jar
    • DdlUtils-1.0.jar
    • activation.jar
    • mailapi.jar
    • smtp.jar
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Update the folowing jar: i2mi-common-0.1.0.jar
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Compare the conf/ for changes.  The setting compile.debug was removed (will always compile with debug), add the setting for src.dir.test.conf,
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Compare the conf/ehcache.xml for changes, some new caches were added
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Compare the conf/ for changes, the wheel group name by default is etc:sysadmingroup, the dao factory is new for hib3 edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.internal.dao.hib3.Hib3DAOFactory, and there are entries and docs for whitelists on db changes from ant
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Add the new conf/*example* files (not necessary, but easy to show new diffs), e.g.,,, README.txt
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Update the ext dir with new ext-build.xml, and the new extension zips (delete the old extension dirs there)
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Compare the src/conf/ files, there are new settings for hib3 and new pooling
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Compare the src/conf/, the defaults have changed a bit
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: There is a new file: src/conf/grouper.ehcache.xml


The nav.proproperties,, etc should be edited in localized copies, so these are considered source and are not mentioned here

  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Upgrade the standard.jar
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: There is an additional-build.template.xml, and to be used as examples
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: Compare the, there are new settings regarding logging and emails, and remove the debug setting (all compiles are debug enabled)
  • 2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: If you use anything from contrib, the build files have changed



  •  2008/05/14: v1.3.0 RC2: This is now in CVS in internet2, and is run by a different batch/shell script with a product called invoker.jar
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