• Grouper should ditch ehcache
  • Grouper should not query cache (e.g. hibernate caching)
  • Expirable caches are useful
  • Grouper already has a mechanism to clear caches of all JVMs though
    • It is at the cache level not the element level
    • If things are change log dependent, could take a minute
  • The changelog should be used for cache expiration (where possible)


  • Caches should cache minimal data (if possible use the new numeric id)
  • Allow a cache clearing through database at the element level
    • This means different things to different caches
  • Run change log to change log temp more frequently
    • Every 10 seconds?
  • Have some easily built ins to cache groups
    • e.g. Grouper admins
  • Bump up expirable caches that are element cleared
    • e.g. 10 minutes
    • e.g. Configuration in the database

Change log caching

  • Things that are cached that flow through change log should use that for cache expiration
  • Groups, stems, memberships, privileges, subjects are all candidates for this
  • Caches could be somewhat long lived (maybe not longer than 30-60 minutes) and can be expired through change log reviewer (not necessarily a consumer)
  • Each JVM can review change log events to update caches accordingly


  • Profile grouper database and external system activity and dial in the caching
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