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Grouper aliases allow programs to access grouper resources by non-uuid, and allow that reference to be permanent, even if the resource is renamed.

  1. There should be a list of group names (not display names) maintained for groups, with an addition occuring if the group is renamed (or parent stem).  Not applicable for a copy operation on a group/stem
  2. Each group rename should take a param for if an alias should be added (and/or sites can have a config default for this)
  3. If an alias is being used, then a new resource cannot be created with that name
  4. Web services/GSH calls should exist to add/delete aliases
  5. Aliases should be returned on group/stem view operations (question)
  6. Initially we will have aliases on group and stem names (e.g. not on attribute names)
  7. Navigating aliases will not be available on the UI (also wont see groups in a user's group list)
  8. On the UI, perhaps we could list which aliases a group/stem has (on detail page)
  9. On the UI, a search for group based on exact group alias name should find the group
  10. Aliases will be available in LDAP
  11. Aliases will be available in the following web services (basically anything that uses Group or Stem lookups):
    1. addMember
    2. deleteMember
    3. getMembers
    4. hasMember
    5. groupSave
    6. groupDelete
    7. getGrouperPrivileges
    8. assignGrouperPrivileges
    9. findGroups
    10. findStems
    11. stemSave
    12. stemDelete
  12. Aliases will not be available in the following web services
    1. getGroups (question)
  13. If you are doing group/stem searches or filters by any attribute, the aliases will not be honored
  14. If you are doing a group/stem search by name, then the aliases will be honored
  15. Aliases will not have entries in the grouper_memberships table (maybe we could make a view which exposes this join)

Here is a potential table design:

table: grouper_group_alias

col: group_id

col: group_alias_name

col: last_edited

col: expire_timestamp

I guess we need another one for stems, or we can add that in to this one, with stem_id col... will we have aliases on other things too?  attributes, etc?  or just group names, and maybe stem names?  Is there a use case for stem aliases?

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  1. Unknown User (

    Regarding 7, I would like to have aliases be navigable - at least stem aliases. I see these as behaving like UNIX sym links