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This is the place to report issues found with the Grouper wiki, e.g. pages missing, out of date, or mis-linked. As you find issues, please add them to the list below, and they will be marked as "FIXED" as they get addressed... NOTE: Please provide as much information as possible about the nature of the problem.

Broken Links:

"The Specsheet provides" --> FIXED JULY 2017

Just after the "gray box at the top"

in "See Also" section

Maybe they should be "" ? ( from a different link on the page.) Yes, done 


Suggestion to update Customising the Grouper UI to explain UI customization approach moving forward.


Looks like all of these might be partial answers: ( circa v2.2+)

has a useful link "Grouper UI Installation - Configuring the Grouper UIs" 
to ( circa v1.5 )
     links to ( Circa v2.2+)

Grouper UI development v2.3 ( circa v2.3 )



For Technical Support with the Grouper wiki, contact

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