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  • Grouper WG at 2014 Technology Exchange
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Draft Agenda

Grouper Working Group at Technology Exchange in Indianapolis

Wed Oct. 29, 2014 at 5:30pm, Room 203

  • Welcome, Agenda Bash (Tom) 5 minutes
  • Introduction to Grouper (Tom) 3 minutes
    • How many in the room have Grouper deployed?
    • What versions?
  • Grouper version 2.2 and 2.2.1 update (Chris) 10 minutes
    • Review of new features in Grouper 2.2
    • Enhancements and fixes in Grouper 2.2.1
  • Community contributions - (Shilen) 10 minutes
    • Share some of what you are doing with Grouper at your site
    • Where is there is community interest?
    • Elements to making a contribution successful
      • suggest a design beforehand on the list
      • supportability
      • make use of an API, so components can be more swappable
    • example of a contribution: ESB connector work from Bristol
  • Grouper v2.2 implementation feedback (Gail) 10 minutes
  • Provisioning (Dave) 10 minutes
    • provisioning strategy for Grouper v2.3
    • potential partners
  • Grouper Roadmap (Tom) 10 minutes
  • Getting involved (Tom) 3 minutes
    • How to join the Grouper lists
    • Community Contributions wiki page - new adopters depend on learning from those who have gone before!
      • Please take a bit of time to share your Grouper story or plans on the wiki to help the community
  • Topics from the Audience
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