Background on Grouper UIs

Grouper's original UI is called the Admin UI. It exposes much of the API's capabilities. While appropriate to administrators with a good grasp of the concepts underlying group management, and Grouper in particular, the Admin UI was not optimal for many end users who are concerned with managing only a few groups. In many cases it is most appropriate to embed the required group management functionality in an existing application. Web services provide a platform neutral means of achieving such integration.

Since the original Admin UI was developed, web browsers have standardized so that more interactive and user-friendly user interfaces are supportable. Starting with Grouper v1.5, the Grouper UI was updated to allow the use of AJAX, and a set of "LITE UI" screens were added. The Membership Update screen (and other Lite UI screens) can be linked to from the existing group summary page, or can be linked to directly by passing appropriate parameters (groupId or groupName).  

With Grouper 2.2 and above, a new Grouper UI is available.

Grouper 2.5+ features a Custom UI that can be used per group, on top of the UI.

Grouper 2.5.43+ offers a Grouper Custom Template via GSH feature. This can be used for custom UIs


State of UIs in Grouper 2.2

New UIAdmin UI Lite UIs
Create new group
Create new role
Manage existing groups
View members of a group
Manage members of a group
Manage privileges of a group
Create new folder
Manage existing folders


View recently used groups / recent activity

Attributes and permissions

Legacy attributes / group types
Viewing audit logs
External users

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