Kick the tires on the 2.2 UI on the demo server 

Feature requests for Grouper UI v2.3

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External users

Migrate the Lite UI external users screens to new UI


 DONE - 2.3.0 API patch 107, UI patch 44


Attribute definitions and permissions

Migrate the Lite UI attribute screens to new UI


DONE - 2.3.0 API patch 107, UI patch 44


Rules editor

Be able to edit common rules and / or all rules in UI

Michael Gettes




Add user based and overall (point-in-time) auditing

Tom Barton

DONE - 2.3.0 API patch 107, UI patch 44


Attribute handling at objects

It would be really nice to handle attribute usage for groups, memberships and so on the page that handles the object. See the UI being developed at Uppsala University.

Uppsala University
Cru (CCCI)



Encapsulated composites

Would be nice if the UI treated include/exclude lists and require groups differently (maybe if they follow a naming convention) so the user doesn't need to know which group is the whitelist etc, the UI makes it easy.  Maybe this is in phase 2...  If looking at the full group the UI knows to edit the whitelist etc.

Steven C.



Features in the new UI in Grouper v2.2

link to documentation on the Grouper v2.2 UI


User experience designer created look and feel and did user testing

Accessible controls which can be controlled by keyboard only

Responsive layout is mobile friendly

Cross site scripting secure

Ajaxy implementation allows for functions to be completed without navigating from page

Tree control for folder browsing

Objects can be favorited for easy finding from splash page

"Services" tag can group objects together into one application

Dashboard shows recent activity, tree control, favorites, etc

Bulk assignments screen for adding memberships for multiple members to multiple groups

Much easier privilege management for folders and groups

Can deprovision memberships and privileges easier

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