This page provides access to the complete history of Security Advisories released for Grouper and an "at a glance" table showing you which releases are vulnerable to what kinds of issues. If you're running a particular version, you can use this table to identify the issues that could affect your system and determine how urgent an upgrade is. In addition to the announce mailing list, you can "watch" this page for changes to keep abreast.

You can determine the exact version you're running based on the process log during startup.


If you would like to report an issue you believe is security related, you can:

As always, sites are advised to use the latest stable release of any Grouper product. Refer to the Grouper Downloads page for information about our support and versioning policies. The Security Advisories page identifies the specific versions recommended at a given point in time

Obviously not all vulnerabilities are created equal, and the classifications in the matrices are general in nature, and are meant to point you to the relevant advisories to look into.

A particular version will typically be implicated by any advisories noted for it and for any newer versions above it in the tables.

Advisories noted for "All" versions should be reviewed by all deployers for relevancy to their deployment. Typically this indicates that an advisory is at least partly discussing issues that go beyond the scope of what the Grouper software can actually remediate and may affect the deployment as a whole. It does not in general refer to unfixed vulnerabilities in the Grouper software itself.

 Security Issues

Date fixed

Affects versions

Fixed in versions



3-Nov-20232.5.23-2.5.68, v2.6.0-v2.6.19,
v4.0.1-v4.7.2, v5.0.3-v5.4.0
v2.5.69, v4.8.0, v5.5.0 


Authentication bypass security issue
9-Nov-20202.5.36 and 2.5.372.5.36.1,, 2.5.38+


container prints env vars to logs which can be passwords
14-May-20202.4 ui patch 46+, 2.5 up to


Some encrypted values can be shown on UI to admins
24-Apr-20192.4v2_4_0_api_patch_42GRP-2110Use SSL context while making rabbitmq connection
20-Aug-20182.3 ui patch 44Patch for 2.3.0GRP-1875subject audits should only be seen by grouper admins
20-Aug-20182.3 api patch 109Patch for 2.3.0GRP-1876flash cache in groups can allow subjects to view (not read) objects with quick subsequent requests
20-Jul-20182.2 and 2.3Patch for 2.2.2 and 2.3.0GRP-1838xsrf problem with /UiV2Public.index
29-Nov-20151.4-2.2.2Patch for 2.2.2GRP-1227security issue with subject api init params
18-Nov-20152.2.0, 2.2.1, 2.2.2Patch for 2.2.2GRP-1222

xss vulnerability in tooltips in new UI


2.1.5 and before


Grouper UI is susceptible to CSRF / XSRF Cross site request forgery

16-Aug-2013 (build 0,1,2,3,4)


Grouper UI allows unauthorized users to view the privileges of other subjects

2-Aug-2013 (build 0,1,2,3)


Deleting an attributeDef can cause incorrect membership deletes


1.6, 2.0, 2.1 (build 0,1,2,3,4)

1.6.3, 2.0.3, 2.1.4

GRP-911 and GRP-924

Unauthorized users can delete attribute assignments

28-Jul-2013 (build 0,1,2,3,4)


WS getGrouperPrivilegesLite can return more data than the user should be able to see


1.5 (build 0,1,2,3), 1.6 (build 0,1,2)

1.5.3, 1.6.2


A bug in the Grouper UI allows unauthorized users to view user audit logs by URL manipulation

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