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The Grouper Working Group is a result of the MACE-Dir-Groups' initial efforts.

Grouper originally focused on robust management of groups, emphasizing 1) delegation and distributed management and 2) Integration with most any existing IdM infrastructure.  Grouper now provides a broader set of access management capabilities, including roles & permissions.
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Conference Calls & Minutes

Links to supplemental documents supporting Working Group Conference Calls.

Development Items

  View suggested discussion items for the Working Group and other pre-documented items:

Documents & Presentations

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Mailing Lists

The Grouper Working Group mailing lists are intended for Grouper-related questions, discussion items, news events, release updates, etc., and for sharing your campus' questions, concerns, and expertise with the Grouper community.

For additional feature listings, tarballs, and documentation for previous releases, please see Archives.

NOTE WELL: All Internet2 Activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.

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    Tom Barton - University of Chicago                            Steve Olshansky - Internet2

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