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  • Grouper Messaging with ActiveMQ
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The Grouper Messaging system interface will have an ActiveMQ implementation.

Install ActiveMQ

On Mac, Download ActiveMQ from Unzip the file and go to bin directory. Run "./activemq console". It will launch ActiveMQ server and the web client. 

Login to http://localhost:8161 to access the web UI.


  • Grouper ActiveMQ messaging client uses qpid-jms-client 0.41.0 to connect to the broker which supports amqp 1.0. 
  • Grouper ActiveMQ messaging doesn't support acknowledging the individual messages. acknowledge method is a No-Op.
  • Clients always have to set the autoCreateObjects property to true while calling send and receive messages on GrouperMessagingActiveMQSystem object.

Set the following properties in file

# class that implements edu.internet2.middleware.grouperClient.messaging.GrouperMessagingSystem
grouper.messaging.system.activeMqSystem.class = edu.internet2.middleware.grouperMessagingActiveMQ.GrouperMessagingActiveMQSystem

# host address of activemq queue = localhost

# port of activemq queue
grouper.messaging.system.activeMqSystem.port = 5672

# username of activemq queue
grouper.messaging.system.activeMqSystem.username =

# password of activemq queue
grouper.messaging.system.activeMqSystem.password =

# number of seconds to sleep while waiting
grouper.messaging.system.activeMqSystem.polling.sleep.seconds = 5

grouper.messaging.system.activeMqSystem.defaultPageSize = 5

grouper.messaging.system.activeMqSystem.maxPageSize = 10 file must have the same messaging system name as defined above. See example below:

changeLog.consumer.esb.publisher.messagingSystemName = activeMqSystem

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