There are two LDAP use cases from University of Michigan that will be ready in Grouper v2.5.40

Outdated wiki

To do for 2.5.42

  1. Directory for pems to get added to trust store
  2. Incrementals based on your current config
  3. Update the labels and descriptions in LDAP config to be more descriptive (describe entity link and translations better)
  4. Compare provisioning configs and see what difference is
  5. Diagnostics page?
  6. Add example filter for "entity search filter" / "entity search all" (the "group search" equivalents have examples) in the provisioning setup

Provision to AD, users exist

Two use cases: 

  1. Software distribution management (dozens of groups)
  2. Printing (couple hundred groups)
Entitiesentity linklook up entities to get DN to use in group members attribute value

ldap is not subject sourcesubject source is somewhere else

should include all subjectsdo not create subjects not found, should not error out.  full sync will fix

there is no eligibility groupprovision all subjects

select which sources to provision
Subjectssubject linklook up subjects to get netId

try to use subjectIdentifer0if the grouper member table has subject identifier0, use that, otherwise resolve the subject

does USDU update subject identifier0?check that USDU updates that value.  or is it updated during provisioning from members table?

do not provision subjects without a netIdfixed in full sync
Groupsgrouper provisions to one OU

specify an OU for flat provisioning

cn is group namecn is group name

if group name is more than 64, then skipthis should not be marked as error since it shouldnt retry.  will try at next full sync?

groups and folders will be selected for provisioning

groups can have no members or can have no member attribute

delete groups in ldap which arent in grouper

group attributes: objectClass, dn, cn, member,, sAMAccountName

group uuid mapped to ldap attribute umichDirectoryIDinstead of idIndex

Provision to difference AD, not all users exist

Similar to above but create users that dont exist

EntitiescreateIfNotFoundcreate entities that dont exist

create in one OUspecify an OU to create subjects in

attributes to use when creating

netId, name?, email?

These are from subject source?

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