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This is the place to request documentation about a specific aspect of Grouper installation, configuration, or maintenance; or to make suggestions about how existing documentation could be reconfigured or improved.

Updating the Grouper wiki docs

Note that the Grouper wiki space is editable by any authenticated user, and you are encouraged to submit new documentation or to modify any existing documentation as you think appropriate.

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    1. Suggestion1 - is there a more elaborate document page for the My Services feature?
      1. Currently there isn't a lot to explore: Grouper new UI#Myservices
    1. I have yet to dig into that too.... ( So a knowledgeable answer would be great.. but I can not provide it.) 

      However it looks like:

      A services is defined by an AttributeDef of type "Service". (Which are only allowed to be assigned to folders. And they are only allowed to be "tag" attributes[No values], single assigned. )

         For my testing I created etc:services (folder) and an attribute definition named "service". Not a creative name, but helpful if you search for "services". (smile) 

      Then I crated an AttributeDef that I named "Services". ( "etc:attribute:services:Services" )

      Then I created AttributeName(s) that would be used to "scope" the UI by. ( I used "VPN", "LDAP" as example "AttributeName" :  "etc:attribute:services:VPN", and "etc:attribute:services:LDAP")

      Then you assign those AttributeNames to folders that hold groups for those "Services". ( ref:...:ldap ).


      There needs to be one or more groups that you can "Manage" ( Admin privileges, Update Privileges on at least one group in the folder) to see the Service name in the list of services.

      But I got it to work....

      NOTE: For testing make sure you assign at least one of the AttributeNames  to multiple folders. The UI "adds a step" to the "My Services" flow when a service has multiple folders with groups that you can admin in them.

      My Services  ( get a list of services for you)

        click on a service with only one folder – you are navigated to that folder

        click on a service with more than one folder – you get a list of folders for that service

      BTW: UI 2.3 Patch 44 makes this a lot easier. (smile)   It still has a few tweaks that are needed, but install it. (smile)

      1. Many thanks Carey, of House Black!

        We are running 2.3, I'll have to check which patch level, but you've provided a lot of good info to try to explore the feature more. Thank you very much, I appreciate the help!