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!!! Grouper Deployment Guide 2.0 work in progress !!!

“It’s not just about SAML federation, it’s about enabling high-value collaboration across thousands of disciplines and millions of people. Hence agreement on attribute and authorization management, application integration, administration procedures, workflow, privacy management,...” RL "Bob" Morgan

The goal of this document is to help you come up to speed on Grouper concepts, how they relate to identity and access management, and how they can be deployed to implement effective access control in a wide variety of situations.


This guide is the result of a TIER community collaborative effort, and was made possible by the many contributions from the TIER API and Entity Registry WG, the Grouper Development Team, and many others.

Special thanks to Tom Dopirak for the Example Access Policies, Michael R Gettes for the SQL query to inspect the GROUPER_LOADER_LOG, Newcastle University for the Grouper Infographic, Emily Eisbruch for curating the Grouper community contributions, and Columbia University for the initial Columbia Grouper deployment guide.