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  • Grouper Call 9-March-2016
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Notes: Grouper Call Wed. 9-March-2016 

Attending: Emily, Bill Thompson, Jim Fox, Tom B, Chris, Shilen

Bert B-L (gatech): Can’t attend, updates included below

Action Items  

[AI] (Chris) will investigate connection between Internet2 enterprise Github and public Github

[AI] (Shilen) to help Bert with examples for PSP-NG work

 [AI]  (Bill)  will see about scheduling Grouper content at Apereo Conference for Sunday May 22

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Pregash) will ask for findings around accessibility that can be emailed to Chris prior to the meeting. Then Chris will be happy to schedule the meeting

[AI] Misagh look add hibernate-c3p0 jar to gradle/maven, and the upgrade to c3p0 (commit from Chris)

[AI] (Bert) create a wiki page off the Post PSP Provisioning wiki  page to explain the boundaries for provisioning subjects.  [3/9: Still pending]

[AI] (Misagh) provide update to Grouper Core list  to  be sure Gradle work will be ready for Grouper Release in April

[AI] (Chris ) clarify the Grouper roadmap around “Add remaining attribute/permission operations to WS”

[AI] (Bert} Clarify Grouper Roadmap around “Successor to the PSP first pass. Include AD and LDAP connectors”


[AI] (Chris) capture the TIER packaging direction in a Grouper wiki page, including environment variable strategy 

[AI] (Shilen) create wiki page on the hibernate work (mysql problem)

[AI] (Chris) make patching and upgrading work on a source directory (based on input from packaging survey)

[AI] (Chris) get rules into new UI, for inheriting privileges

[AI] ( Misagh) look on Grouper wiki for Java doc links and change them to 

[AI] (Shilen) create a wiki documenting the Loader work

Current work tasks


Chris: TIER API for Grouper, Messaging changelog consumer




Chris: There has been a lot of work with the TIER API working group. There is a proof of concept now.

API will allow users  to see if someone is a member.

Still ironing out the spec

Chris’s philosophy: take the SCIM standard, though it is not flexible for extending.

So server will speak SCIM

On server side, credential used for authenticating would be used for TIER

TIER attributes would go on top of that

Does it make sense to use SCIM schema with TIER?

Jim: some think we should support SCIM and TIER as separate endpoints

This is being discussed at length on the TIER API calls.

TomB: we know we can’t address all endpoints. Perhaps if it’s just two that’s OK

Loader, Hibernate

Shilen looked at adding to the New Group UI a feature to schedule a new loader job with  a click.

Should there be a toggle switch for enable/disable?

Chris : eventually we should have an admin screen for loader jobs. For now what Shilen is doing is a value add.

Next Shilen will start on documentation on features for the upcoming Grouper release.

Code freeze will be in about 2 weeks


 [March 9]: Increased load testing efforts and fixed memory and cpu performance problems found

 -Primary, immediate task: Take working PSPNG and package it outside of changelog harness to get environment and logging correct. We talked about this being “underneath” Quartz. What examples can I work from?

[AI] (Shilen) to help Bert with examples for PS-PNG work

 -Code freeze target  March 21.

Misagh: Building and packaging


Vivek: WS

TIER update

·         Plan for April release

·         APIs - work is ongoing

·         Packaging - TIER Packaging WG working on Docker Image - Chris has given them advice about Grouper on Docker

·         Github vs gitlab - There will be an Internet2 Enterprise Github - will require a change for the Grouper project - we will need to move files to there and update links

What about connection between Internet2 enterprise Github and public Github?

How will pull requests work?

[AI] (Chris) will investigate connection between Internet2 enterprise Github and public Github

·         Grouper Code freeze  - on March 21

Issue roundup

Bill working on Office 365 and Grouper

Looking for ideas on moving Grouper Shell tests to automated testing.

  • How to move to use JUNIT tests?

  • Chris suggests - take GSHELL and translate to JAVA

  • Then use a static variable for read

  • See if last line is what is expected

  • Chris does this with rules

  • Chris and Bill work discuss offline

This work would be a contrib for Grouper 2.3

Would like to do a demo, after the next Grouper Release

Use case of synchronization to a target based on marking synchronization attribute


MYSQL UTF8 issue issue on Grouper list,

There are cases where things don’t work

Chris suggests we change documentation to recommend utf8mb4

Suggestion to use this utf8mb4 approach in testing to be sure it works before we recommend it.

Upcoming Meetings

Apereo Conference in NYC at NYU in late May 22-26 - Bill T is on the program committee. Would like additional Grouper content.

Chris could attend on Sunday May 22

   Bill will see about scheduling Grouper content at Apereo Conference for Sunday May 22

Global Summit 2016

TIER Working Group and Developers Meeting to be held

May 19, 2016 , 9am - 12:30pm in Chicago


Grouper BOF at Internet2 Global Summit is Wednesday, 5/18, 12:00-1:00PM

Tech Ex 2016 - Proposal was submitted for Grouper Provisioning Talk

Next Grouper Call: Wed. March 23, 2016


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