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  • Grouper Call 7-Mar-2018
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Grouper Call 7-March-2018



  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Chad Redmond, UNC
  • Carey Black, OSU
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent
  • Keith Hazelton, U-Wisc Madison
  •  Justin Robinson , Indiana U.
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Grouper Action Items are here

Grouper JIRA 

New Action Items

[Ai] Chris record ideas on permissions in UI from discussion on March 7 Grouper call with Vivek and team

 [AI Bert]: Siju email about PSP and people not available in destination
  [AI Bert]: was the Dave Churchly email resolved appropriately?


IP Policy

Doc for Grouper Developers
Page down here for a section on Guidelines for Contribs to Grouper
Grouper Development Guidelines

Current work tasks

Vivek – Permissions in UI
• Good progress on moving permission screens to new Grouper UI

• Roles screens were previously moved

• Subject permissions screens moved recently

• Vivek will “timebox”  work on enhancements to the screens to expedite the release

• Record ideas for improvements in Jira

• [Ai] Chris record ideas on permissions in UI from discussion on March 7 Grouper call with Vivek and team

Chris –patches, deprovisioning, performance issues, delete old objects
• Chris and Chad will work on performance issues from tests Chad has done

• Chad will summarize the issues

• Chris has worked on members, groups, stems, attributes def, names, assignments and actions to satisfy the performance issues Scott raised

Bert – PSPNG

• Looking at Subject API to see what needs to be done

• Subject API is its own Jar

◦ it was architected  this way for Signet project years ago

◦ Signet project went away.  This architecture is now inconvenient

• Shilen will roll the Subject API into the Grouper API, to eliminate the separate jar

• Grouper 2.4 will use ldaptive

• Config option will be in loader properties

• Leave vtldap in for a while

Patches should be bite sized
• Chris notes classes are too big/monolithic and this interferes with patches

• Try to split classes apart where possible

Chad – Library updates, tomee
• Working on testing

• Chad will commit Perl script,  

• Worked on subject libraries, needs access  to LDAP directory, are LDAP specific subject tests still needed?  Consult with Bert. Sharing Docker recipes will be helpful.

• Shift to Postgres? Get rid of HSQL?  Think about this on future call.

• Move to bulk functions?

Issue roundup
·         [AI someone for Kevin] Collate the last 2 years of list servs to get a list of universities using Grouper.  Also include the community contribution wiki. Other ideas?
·         Gasper survey for Stanford

Justin Robinson, Identity Management team from IU,  to start developing

  • (Emily add Justin to grouper core list , DONE)    

• Working on some JIRAs 

• Likes Grouper, Indiana is looking forward to getting up and running with Grouper

·         MySQL with client certs (Carl answered)
·         Wrong version of mysql
·         Attribute action screens

  Note:  experienced design help would be helpful

Thanks for the Grouper Community for these New Contribs:
·        Univ of Illinois community contribution
·         Colorado State community contrib
·        Univ of Michigan community contribution
·         Record missing in grouper_members from jutta (shilen do you know how this can happen?  Is it dropping txs that is the problem? My intent was that small units of work would still use tx, e.g. deleting group including member record, maybe not memberships?  Lets discuss)
·         Grouper Deployment Enhancement working group from TIER Campus Success Program first meeting scheduled (Mar 22,. 2018 10am)
·         GRP-1685: Changelog consumer event deleteAttributeAssign fails when LogLevel != debug [AI Chad] [AI Chris add chad to jira]
·         Grouper in action Tutorial at Global  Summit currently has 25 participants!
·         Hikari CP connection pool
·         Performance issues with loader
·         Recipe to start loader job from java (should we do this with messages and loader? or use a thread so UI doesn’t hang?)
·         Big composites don’t return from UI even when one side is blank [AI Chris]
·         GRP-1707: pspng should handle UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM from AD
·         [AI Bert]: Siju email about PSP and people not available in destination
·         Inherited privileges needs patch
·         [AI Bert]: was the Dave Churchly email resolved appropriately?
·         Test classes not covered in alltests
·         Edit group alternate name needs to be in ui
·         We might be doing another Grouper survey
Grouper at 2018 Global Summit in San Diego

   Grouper in Action: Access Management Strategies for Higher Education and Research Tutorial -  

   Grouper BOF

Next Grouper Call: Wed March 21, 2018


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