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  • Grouper Call 6-Sept-2017
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Gr ouper Call 6 Sept-2017


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Jim Fox, University of Washington
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  •  Bill Thompson, Lafayette College
  • Carl Waldbieser, Lafayette College
  • Carey Black, tOhio State Univ.
  • Bert Bee-Lindgren, Gatech [2nd half]
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Grouper Action Items are here


Pre-TechEx Grouper in Action Tutorial -  8am to noon - agenda planning

Hold this topic until Bert is on call.

Bill will doodle for a time that works for all.  

[AI] (Chris)  will email the attendees to ask their particular interests. (DONE)

Grouper in Action Tutorial Sunday Oct 15 in San Francisco at TechEx,
- 19 enrolled

 Proposed Draft Agenda for the Grouper Tutorial:

  • 1) Grouper product specific details - what’s there, what’s new, how to configure/create common grouper components/objects, perhaps a little of what’s coming.
  • 2) TIER Grouper Deployment Guide - theory, based on community practice, on how to leverage grouper the "TIER way” 
  • 3&4) How 1 & 2 manifest themselves on specific campuses (this is the Grouper in Action part)
  • Lafayette w/ a RabbitMQ based provisioning strategy
  • GeorgiaTech w/ a PSPNG based provisioning strategy
  • 5) Open Q&A/discussion

Current work tasks

Vivek – WS messaging integration

  •   Soft launch of AWS and ActiveMQ, please kick tires if possible,
    •   Rabbit MQ messaging already released

Chris –   Patches, attestation, 

  • Deprovisioning (hope to have this ready for review before TechEx)

Bert – PSPNG

  •   When attributes change on groups, causes full sync
    • Is this excessive?
  • When parent stems are moved around, e.g. bushy DN needs to change
    • How to catch that outside of scheduled full sync
    • Shilen thinks there are change logs for renames
    • Bert will track down events that might be slipping through
  • If description or another provisioned attribute, would like to be real time
    • Deploy as part of full sync, and add attribute evaluation if doesnt perform enough
  • Attributes and stem renames would be in one patch.  Patch will be ready: friday
  • After that, look at Miami’s scheduling problem.  Performance issue also on mind.  Time is not right for that right now.
  • NYU escaping issues
    • Last email was a curious end result with a bunch of escape chars
    • Comma in the middle of an RDN
    • NYU has patch, suggestion was of wrong set of combinations, Julio can try the new set of combinations

Shilen –   Messaging and loader

  •   Will look at LDAP loader jobs. Expression language for subject ID.
  • Columns are subject info, loader group name for config
  • Get a message for LDAP group, get all messages, mark as complete, schedule the job


Issue roundup

·         (AI for Chris) date format changes

·         (AI for Bert) Monaz PSPNG not scheduled on quartz intervals

·         Merge request for o365, done

·         (AI for Bert) AD provisioning issues

·         AWS messaging

·         ActiveMQ messaging

·         AWS messaging in installer

·         ActiveMQ messaging in installer

·         Julio pspng issues

·         (AI for Bert) Handle Emilio PSP-NG email 9/3/2017

  •   LDAP to shell proxy, not a real LDAP server
  • Performance
  • Opening connections and not using them
  • Health checks
  • Too many connections in pool?

·         Grouper loader logging promoted patch

· patch for attribute privileges and everyentity

·         2.2 to 2.3 upgrade questions

·         WS timeout

Temp change log performance and index · text UI fix

  • Shilen thinks good idea
  • Patching have DDL changes?  Yes for easy things
  • Call a java program, copy classfiles, then call command
  • (AI for Shilen) put index in 2.4 in Grouper code


Grouper at 2017 TechEx

Tutorial (Sunday morning) and Grouper BoF (Tuesday)



Next Grouper Call: Wed. Sept. 20, 2017











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