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  • Grouper Call 5-Jan-2011
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Grouper Call 5-Jan-2011

Tom Barton, U. Chicago, Chair

Chris Hyzer, U. Penn
Rob Hebron, Independent

Gary Brown, Bristol

Jim Fox, U. Washington
Shilen Patel, Duke

Tom Zeller, U. Memphis 

Steve Olshansky, Internet2

Ann Kitalong-Will, Internet2
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2 (scribe)

New Action Items

[AI] (Rob) will continue to investigate the viability of a Grouper VM.

[AI] (TomZ) will inform AnnKW which LDAPPC and which LDAPPC-ng wiki pages are product versus development.

[AI] (Ann KW) will move the appropriate development pages in the wiki to project pages in the wiki.

[AI] (AnnKW) will look at queries of the Grouper wiki to be sure there are no outdated pages.

[AI] (Shilen and Chris) will talk about point in time web services.

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (TomZ) will report on timing for Grouper demo work.

[AI] (TomZ) will create a wiki page enumerating activities related to connectors.

[AI] (TomZ) will work with Chad in the process of proposing a Working Group to focus on provisioning.

[AI] (TomZ and Chris) will discuss/work on LDAP Grouper Loader for importing groups. JIRA 442

[AI] (Everyone) review Rob's chapters and give him feedback on the Grouper Users List.

[AI] (TomB) will explore new international participation for work on the Grouper UI.

[AI] (Emily) will give suggestions to Ann KW on the community contributions page of wiki


Rob reported that he plans to start work with Oxford U soon, doing systems dev and support, to include work on Grouper, which has been deployed there for about 6 months.

Grouper 1.6.3 Released

Grouper 1.6.3 was released on 4-Jan-2011

Grouper VM

Rob investigated setting up a Grouper VM in the open source Hudson continuous integration environment, to make sure everything is repeatable. When looking at using a VM, Rob had concerns about which VM technology to use. VMware is the market leader. However for Quickstart, there is a need for a proprietary product. Supporting two virtualization technologies could be problematic.

The approach Rob is currently taking is to create a live CD which fires up into Grouper Quickstart.

There are currently four builds set up. The builds run the Grouper test suite against HSQL, MYSQL and Postgress. The final build step is to build a Quickstart and install it inside Apache Tomcat. Then a manual start is need to convert it to a redistributable format. Rob has had good success with this approach. He is testing how far we can push a live CD. Rob will continue to look at various options. Rob hopes to use the environment we set up as a basis for the Grouper documentation.

Chris: Q: What about the approach of having the user download Quickstart and other items to which the user needs to add Java? This is the uPortal Quickstart approach.

A: Rob is looking at that.

Chris Q: If we do the uPortal approach, could we include some versions of Java for Windows, Mac and Linux in the zip file?

A: There are licensing problems with doing this, unless Open JDK is used.

Q: Does the batch script ask questions, or it just turns on somehow?

A: Need to think about it. We think uPortal uses an Ant script

Shib has something in the beginning to prevents overwriting the previous configuration.

Rob wil keep Chris involved in the process of working on the Grouper VM or Quickstart solution.

TomB: Q: What are the relative roles of Hudson continuous integration versus the uPortal style Quickstart approach?

A: Hudson is a preliminary step towards creating redistributable packages. It could have another role as we are nearing a Grouper release, to help automating testing. Hudson polls subversion every hour. If there are changes, it downloads them, recompiles and kicks off the tests. Hudson can build the VMs also

Q: What is the role of the live CD?

A: Rob: it is little extra effort to do both. The live CD option benefits sites that are bandwidth rich but time poor; it gets them off to a good start.

Grouper Wiki Documentation

AnnKW continues to work on reorganizing and cleaning up the Grouper wiki. The question arose of which items listed as Grouper Development Items are no longer in development and should be moved to other areas. The team went through the list of items and made the suggestions shown here. In each case where the decision was to move an item into the product documentation, research will need to be done to merge the info with existing product documentation.

Grouper-uPortal - leave it in development
Auditing product - merge it into product space
Grouper export import , v1.6 product - merge it into product space
Priorities for Functional Enhancements|display/Grouper - keep in development
Grouper attributes - move into product space
Grouper plug-ins vs built-ins - keep in development
Priorities for Functional Enhancements - archival only
CVS Branches - keep in development
Database debugging with p6spy - keep in development
Change-log - History and Notification - merge into product space
Database comments and views - keep in development
Namespace Transition - merge into product space or archive it
Grouper aliases - merge into product space or archive it
Exception handling in Grouper -keep in development
Notifications (change log) merge into product space (CHRIS will research this)
Ddl management - keep in development
Javadoc in CVS and ViewVC - keep in development
Organization hierarchies - could be good material for Rob's ebook documentation
Grouper development environment - keep in development
LDAPPC - TOMZ will recommend what to do with this
Grouper external users - keep in development
Grouper demo site -merge into product space or elsewhere
Data model -keep in development
Grouper Caching - keep in development
Grouper integration with Kuali Rice - merge into product space
ESB Integration - Rob Hebron - move into product space or delete it
Grouper XMPP notifications v1.6.0 - merge into product space
Grouper resource or permission picker - keep in development
Grouper subject picker - merge into product space
Grouper diagnostics - merge into product space
Release steps - keep in development
Membership lite UI skinning v1.6 - merge into product space
Grouper Product Backlog STAY - archive it
Performance Issues - Next Steps - archive it
Grouper Hosted on a Cloud Server - merge into product space
Grouper always available web services - keep in development
Grouper Atlassian connector - merge into product space (this connector is in the Grouper 1.6.3 branch)

Grouper Roadmap:

Possible goal is to release Grouper 2.0 around the Internet2 SMM in April 2011

Lite UI enhancements - simple management of attributes, roles, and permissions - not done yet
Flattened Membership notification - Shilen says it should be done.
Ldappc NG - TomZ not sure on timing
Point in time audit - Shilen says it is mostly done
Web services not done yet. AI (Chris and Shilen) will discuss it.
uPortal integration – some scoping questions, Chris has worked on it... needs to finish it.
Rules - Chris says this is done, but there a couple of other rules to add (not sure if for Grouper 2.0) which will be minor. Chris says doc us is pretty complete.
Federated Group management - Chris says this is mostly done.
Syncing with other Groupers - Chris says this is half done.

Chris noted that U Penn is interested in the Federated Group Management / External users feature. U. Penn may deploy this feature prior to the release of Grouper 2.0.

Q: Should we tweek the scope for Grouper 2.0 , with a code freeze in March or April? Add or subtract features? Should we prioritize?

Chris plans to work on uPortal integration next after syncing groups. Then his choice of focus will be between Lite UI and the privilege work. Penn would like an on/off switch for each privilege assignment.

TomB: working on the UI should be a high priority.

Next Call: Wednesday, 19-Jan-2011 at noon ET

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