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  • Grouper Call 30-June-2016
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Grouper Call 30-June-2016


Chris Hyzer, Penn, (chair)

Shilen Patel, Duke

Jim Fox, University of Washington

Misagh Moyadd, Unicon

Brendan Bellina, UCLA

Pregash J Devasagayam, UC Boulder

Bert Bee Lindgren, Georgia Tech

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2


New Action Items

[AI] (Misagh and Chris) work together on merge of multiple web.xml files for the gradle work

[AI] (Misagh) create JIRA about patches and directories created during install

[AI] (Bert) will send Chris the class for the case sensitivity issue

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] Emily get Camtasia  license for MAC for Bert to create Grouper Training Video (in progress)

[AI] If possible switch Chris Camtasia from PC to MAC (Update: Chris please try existing license on your MAC)

[AI] Bert and GT team will look at the Grouper Deployment Guide authored by Columbia U , and Bill Thompson, and see how to share the helpful info in it

[AI] (Grouper team) review these slides from Apereo:     (done for Chris)

[AI] (Bert)  document the solution to “turn off old psp issue” that was raised on the list

[AI] (Bert) investigate camtasia licensing at GT. Grouper-training wiki has details on how to do the videos. [Jun 15: No GT license exists, Need to check with Emily]

[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) -- Camtasia

[AI]: [Chris] continue to go through commits going back to 2.2 and make sure they are in Master , and address the TO DO’s -- Chris has done a lot but not all, it’s on release steps page.  [pending]

[AI] (Chris) make patching and upgrading work on a source directory (based on input from packaging survey) [after Grouper 2.3  release] [pending]


  • TIER Developers and WG Members Meeting at Tech Ex in Miami on Thurs. Sept 29, noon -3pm. Please sign up here

Current work tasks

Vivek – TIER API  

Misagh - Gradle

[AI] (Misagh and Chris) work together on merge of multiple web.xml files for the Gradle work

Misagh will remove the date stamps

Bert – PSPNG

[AI] (Bert) will send Chris the class for the case sensitivity issue

There will be a PSP NG patch

Bert is continuing work on Docker

Working through the DN issues

Chris – Patches

Working on installer and patches

Shilen – working on loader, patches

  • Shilen will work on Penn State issue of subject attributes

  • Shilen work on issue of  only seeing folders with objects inside

    • Shilen will test the fix Chris came up with

    • Performance hit with browsing in large registries

    • Can’t search for a stem in the UI, so that should be OK

    • Probably not a security issue

Issue roundup

·         LDAP loader samples

·         Thanks to Kenyon College,  Lafayette , Columbia University – for Grouper contribs.

·         PSP fixes for default grouper selection expression [done, in patch]

·         Apache airavata

·         Grouper HA wiki -

·         PSPNG installer and patching [done]

·         IU find subject with session

·         Jeffrey Crawford patch for grouper PSP 6/17 (this handled?) [done, need to build patch]

·         PSPNG failing to create records that already exist [prob done, awaiting JC response]

·         PSPNG grouper name bushy substring from Jeffrey Crawford (this handled?) [Bert, need new util]

·         Error when viewing all inherited privs in registry (fixed)

·         Vivek SCIM update (AI for at least Chris)

·         Columbia community contrib

·         Java API vs WS

·         Documentation of new web services

·         Patches for WS based on new samples

·         Contacting service owners when provisioning fails (from Brown)

  How to override a safety net?

Use a group attribute for this?

Use service tag?

·         PSP branch - done

·         PSU customize the UI (AI for Chris)

·         [Bert] Guerin Francoise PSP (UI LDAP)  email (AI for Bert)

·         Grouper docker- talk about this  on next Grouper call

·         Scott Koranda upgrade issues (fixed)

·         Crypto threadlocal issue (patched)

·         Last modified time of group (PSU request?)

·         Handle case between loader and subject source (patched)


Grouper accessibility talk -

45 minute call w U. Colorado

Issues w Ajax and screen readers

No easy solution to work with all screen readers

Use area tags?

Challenge is that Grouper has a rich UI that is able to do complex things

Could make a non-Ajax screen reader to address accessibility

 Note that accessibility means more than screen reader, it also means being able to use page without a mouse

 Suggestion that the team test the new UI without the mouse

 U Colorado - meeting next week internally to go over the discussion w Chris around Grouper Accessibility

·         EhCacheRegionFactory upgrade error (AI for Shilen - if old property in file, remove it.)

·         UMD chat about Grouper

  Discussion included:

 -Life cycle for groups and delete dates

    -Approval process to get into groups and workflow

·         Brown WS findbyname approx multiple names (AI for Chris)

·         2.2 commits in 2.3 and master

·         Offline installer (fixed documented)

[AI] (Misagh) make JIRA about patches and directories created during install

·         PSPNG jira filters with dn (need patch?) [dup]

·         Unique case insensitive extensions

·         Import auditing on ui - got missed from Grouper 2.2 to 2.3 - Vivek has fixed this and there will be a patch

·         TIER Instrumentation - Shilen will be the point person for this

·         Hipchat - [AI] (Emily) work more on this and inform the Grouper team (done)

·         See stems in UI that you should see and not more (AI for chris)

·         Web service content type (AI for chris)

·         Add groups as members with rule (AI for chris)

·         Branch master to 2.3 branch, done


 Next Grouper Call: Wed. July 13, 2016 , noon ET

Guest at teh July 13 call will be Gary Chapman discussing Grouper at  NYU and UI plans


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