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  • Grouper Call 29-Nov-2017
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Grouper Call 29-Nov-2017


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Carey Black, (Matt),  tOhio State Univ. 
  • James Babb, U-Wisc Madison
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent

Grouper Action Items are here

Grouper JIRA


Current Work Tasks

Vivek – Loader metadata

·         Chris –patches, deprovisioning

Ive been working on patches and emails to list, made progress on deprovisioning, need to commit for Vivek

Bert – PSPNG

  1. I decided to kill four birds with two stones in regards to docker/integration tests. Essentially, I split the openldap server (and mysqld) out of the grouper container and am using docker-compose to run the tests with three containers. This lets me move between other ldap servers (like apacheds, etc) as well as delegate the config & modularity of the ldap server to the docker-image publishers.

Shilen –GSHNG, vtldap -> ldaptive

  • Looked at vtldap configs from Bert, nothing surprising.
  • Patch for upgraded groovy
  • Windows experience better (arrow keys work)
  • Command line flag to force the legacy GSH
  • Unrelated, change subject wasnt working correctly for composites.  Stale state exception.  Patch for that
  • Emails back and forth about Auckland, performance about loading million groups
  • PIT data being used was more disk space than expecting
  • Should set expectations about churn somehow. [AI for shilen to document PIT churn database space]

[AI] Chris to add installer admin options for PIT maintenance

 Chad – Library updates

  • Will commit to master the poms and jars
  • Has been running new jars at UNC and it works
  • CSRFguard doesnt work with struts but we will remove struts in 2.4 when we migrate functionality to new ui

 Issue roundup

·         Use of port 80 in SOAP

· When installing patches, you can go up to a certain patch level.  This was mentioned at Global Summit in SF.

· You can specify certain patches to install so it doesn’t ask you about all.   When reverting patches, you can specify certain patches to revert to it doesn’t ask you about all.

·         Chad starting officially!

·         Confusion on patching and java 5/6

·         GRP-1632: same tag in

·         Attestation upgrade convert data:

·         Attestation attributes don’t need PIT and changeLog

·         Creation of include/exclude transactional

·         MemberChangeSubject stale state exceptions

·         Command flag to force legacy GSH

·         Grouper reports with group math

·         Updated Grouper adopter story, thanks to CMU Carnegie Mellon University Grouper Project Page

·         Groovy update and java8

·         Installer mangles jar (fixed)

·         I2midev6 out of FS space due to shib

·         Provisioning to table

·         Gliffy error

·         Ethan Kromhout access management discussion

·         Export/import issues with GSH and variables (Shilen fixed in patch) GRP-1625, GRP-1626

Next Grouper Call: Wed Dec.  13, 2017



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