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  • Grouper Call 29-July-2015
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Notes: Grouper Call of  July 29, 2015


Chris Hyzer, U. Penn, Chair  

Tom Barton, U. Chicago

Shilen Patel, Duke

Jim Fox, U. Washington

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2  


New Action Items - from July 29, 2015

[AI] (Emily) update Contribs wiki page to indicate how to use template for new docs (done)

[AI] (Chris) document JNDI and paging on the wiki

[AI]  (Shilen) look at Import/Export from pre 2.2 (detect print out message)

[AI] (Chris) make project in GrouperMIsc and put Google Connecter there


Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (DaveL) follow up on provisioning empty groups to LDAP to be sure the solution is documented  



PSP-next generation - will discuss at next call, when new core developer is on the call


Built-in Messaging Table

  • Chris is working on the Built-in messaging table

  • Like change log consumer, a message is a record in the table w timestamp on when sent

  • For change log, rely on the timestamp and add 3 more digits of precision

  • helps to set the order  if two machines are putting in messages


Q: is this for ordering or to resolve conflicts?

A: it is for ordering

if you have comments, let Chris know


Issue roundup


·         Provisioning and users etc


·         Typo is JSP for certain situations:

Chris made a patch for this. See patches table on release notes page here

·         Eclipse configs for maven

·         Grouper wiki doc pages

[AI] (Emily) update Contribs wiki page to indicate how to use template for new docs (done)

·         Grouper patcher auto update:


·         READ privileges cascade (can’t read groups that are members of grouper you can read)

·         JNDI and paging

[AI] (Chris) document JNDI and paging on the wiki

·         Import/Export from 1.6.3 (detect print out message)

[AI]  (Shilen) will look at Import/Export from pre 2.2 (detect print out message)

·         JAVA_HOME on startup:

·         REST source adapter:

·         Grouper dependent on quick start:

·         Auto execute GSH if needed:

·         Error log shows info lines:

·         Grouper  installer JAVA_HOME:

·         Compiler version:

       -Chris created patch


·         Subject source CAST:

·         Loader jobs UI (create?):

      -This is on the Grouper Roadmap


·         Validate loader query on save:

·         Progress bars in installer:

·         Progress bars in loader:

·         Document subjectCheckConfig in sources.xml:

·         Patch creator cant find old JSPs:

·         Loader display name change:

·         Improve folder privileges:

·         USDU improvements:

Chris emailed John G about the Google connector.   Agreed it is OK to put this connector in Grouper



[AI] (Chris) will make project in GrouperMIsc and put Google Connecter there


TIER update

  • There has been discussion of versioning in context of TIER

  • In the Grouper Project, we don’t use “RC” for release candidates

  • We use same numbers for released version as for candidate

  • inside the Grouper code, such as in Web Service, the version # gets parsed

  • if we change our approach, we need to find all such places in Grouper Code where the code looks at the version



  • Should projects such as Grouper change their versioning scheme for the TIER Collaboration?

  • This is being explored

  • Idea: Could there be a common way to print out the versioning info that a user sends to support  if they have a problem?



  • Tom : there is TIER Architecture work ongoing to develop principles for TIER.

  • The outputs will go to TIER investor council and TIER developers to help direct TIER

  • Reviewing the requirements that emerged from workshops


2015 Technololgy Exchange update:


Grouper BoF will be Tuesday, 10/6/15,

Possible Agenda for the Grouper BOF:

  • Welcome

  • Agenda Bash

  • Update on Grouper

  • Discuss Minor Release 2.2.2

    • will include the 30-40 patches

  • Roadmap

  • Introduce new team member

  • PSP and messaging Direction...

  • Community Feedback

  • (no pre-arranged presentations)


For Advance CAMP at the Technology Exchange
API work might fit in


Next Grouper call: Wed. Aug. 12 at noon ET    

(Chris not available)  

Shilen will send out agenda and  lead call on Aug 12


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