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  • Grouper Call 26-Feb-2014
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Draft Minutes: Grouper call 26-Feb-2014


Tom Barton, U Chicago, Chair
Chris Hyzer, Penn
Jim Fox, University of Washington
Dave Langenberg, U. Chicago
Shilen Patel, Duke
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2, scribe

New Action items  

[AI] (All) Create a JIRA for items found in the new Grouper UI that need to be addressed/investigated and mark them for Grouper v 2.2.

Carry Over Action items

[AI] (Chris) follow up again with CMU on search terms issue

[AI] (Chris) remove from the Grouper distribution the code for the uPortal connector, since it's now included with uPortal

[AI] DaveL write up the doc related to the Shib Grouper question.

[AI] (Chris) look at POST and GET parameter issues, identified as a flawed design pattern from the PEN testing

[AI] (DaveL) work on the PSP aspect of GRP 914.  

[AI] (Shilen) email the Grouper users list about import and export   (Done)


Grouper UI v2.2 Progress

Chris shared progress on the Grouper UI, which he is tracking on this page.

To see the progress, go to:

Comments: Great work, looks good.


Q: How is performance impacted if there are a large number of items of of root, for example 1000 folders?
A: Paging is built into the API. There are chained Java calls that use method chaining. So overhead is low in handling queries, even with large number of items.  However, in the menu display on the left, it will only display a certain number due to space limitations.

Q: What about trace membership?
A: Trace is being implemented as shown in these screens:

Chris plans to do additional work on trace stem and attributes.
Chris will schedule work on implementing viewing and editing composite memberships

[AI] (All) Create a JIRA for items found in the new Grouper UI that need to be addressed/investigated

Internet2 Global Summit, Denver,  April 6-10, 2014
  Grouper BoF on Wed., April 9, 2014,  7:30 am - 8:30 am

Tom will lead this BoF. Most of the Grouper core team will not be attending the Global Summit.
Tom is interested in guidance on topics that he should present and raise for discussion at the BoF.
Thoughts include:
-Discuss the new Grouper UI
-Ask the attendees, what is your interest in Grouper, what problems are you hoping to solve?

Next Grouper Call: Wed. March 12, 2014 at noon ET

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