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  • Grouper Call 25-Feb-2015
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Notes: Grouper Call of  Wed. Feb. 25, 2015 at noon ET



Tom Barton, U. Chicago, chair

Chris Hyzer, U. Penn, facilitator for this call

Jim Fox, U. Washington

Shilen Patel, Duke  

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2, scribe

New Action Items

[AI] (Chris) create a JIRA for UI with more info about composites


Carry Over Action Items


[AI] (DaveL) record ideas about handling categories based on the Feb. 11 Grouper call discussion on the Post PSP Provisioning page


[AI] (Misagh and Chris) test the unmappable character  issue using Unicode. Then create wiki page to document the approach.

[AI] (DaveL) follow up on provisioning empty groups to LDAP to be sure the solution is documented

[AI] (DaveL) Follow Up with Michael Girgis, U. Chicago, and see if Chicago does any sort of validation of websites for accessibility using some kind of Tools. (email sent)

[AI] (Dave) as we go, document areas where SCIM may need improvement so we can add to the wishlist for SCIM 3. (ongoing TODO)  Page with list

[AI] Chris do training videos on upgrading and patching.

[AI] (Shilen) create Grouper training videos on the new Grouper UI (first four are done, one left)

[AI] Tom to bring pen testing need into TIER process (remains long term)


Grouper at Brown videos

Good work, Kudos to Brown! Thank you for sharing these Grouper Training Videos with the community.

Accessibility testing

MichaelG, U. Chicago (in a Feb 12, 2015 email to DaveL) suggested these tools:

Michael G noted in his email to DaveL



“ these tools are very limited in what they can test. They can point out obvious issues with your markup. But the hardest thing to test is, of course, the dynamic interactions on the site, usually powered by javascript. For example, if a confirmation message is displayed after clicking a button, will someone using a screen reader be alerted to the fact that a message has been displayed? The best thing you can do is have actual users test a site with actual assistive devices. We've worked with one company to do some testing of the University homepage in the past, which was really helpful:



Leaving group which revokes privs (and removing own privs)

Chris has worked on this, see patch

There are still some potential issues

Chris plans a few more tweaks

Q: what about this issue and the Admin UI?

Chris may look at this

Organize administrative guides on wiki

Thanks to Chris for handling this.

UI with more info about composites

issue raised by Michael Gettes

[AI] (Chris) will create a JIRA for UI w more info about composites

  • Unique search in LDAP source? (Multiple_Results param?)

person who raised this found a resolution. Not sure that additional follow up is needed.

  • Loader looking up all subjects???

Shilen raised this.

Chris will look into it

  • Tooltip wrapping

Chris created a patch for this. It’s on demo server

  • Voot on demo

Chris will work on this

  • Grouper on SQL server


there are multiple issues using Grouper w SQL server

  • MySQL collation

case insensitive issue with MySQL

proposed solution: Grouper should not have a load that’s case insensitive


there could be a hook to create an error if there are 2 groups w same name but different case

  could be useful if you provision to LDAP


Q: what about case and internationalization?

A: still a problem w MySQL

Q: what about LDAP and UTF-8?

A: it’s a problem, but we are not sure of all details


We want Grouper to be provisionable to LDAP without issues, but hard to know all possible problems.  Some deployers may be able to create their own hooks to address their issues

Subject search field tab change focus give error

Question from Andrew Morgan


Chris will look into this 

Patching a source UI/WS

Chris will look into this, if you have source and apply patches, it will put the patches in the directories.


Q: how would upgrades work?

A: Upgrades in the installer build a new , and compare and copy files over.

API being loosely coupled in a different place makes it a bit more complex.

Chris will look into this 

Composite issue with transactions

Chris : could do this on start-up, checking for logged transactions

Chris will look at this issue 

Loader from CSV?

One time loads can be done from the UI

We could add this if people need it, will wait to hear on list

Privs on composite group

There is now a patch for this 

Issues with “edit memberships and privileges”

Chris created a patch. Shilen will do more testing


Categorizing community contributions

Emily has implemented this community request for better categorized use cases.

This is done using Confluence labels on the community contributions and then aggregating topics using the “Content By Labels” macro. 

Provisioning posix integer IDs?

Grouper UI training videos

Shilen is making great  progress on training videos for the New Grouper UI.  See the first four of five at:

message formats

See Message Format Detail

Should we have multiple formats?

Chris thinks yes. Need DaveL on the call to address this topic


A next step : document how a configuration might look for a consumer. A concern is config on server side. Need to look at implementation of the message bus


Handling of effective memberships can be an issue

Upcoming Events


Grouper BOF at 2015 Global Summit in DC

Tuesday, Apr 28, 12:00pm-1:00pm

Grouper IAM Online: June 10, 2015 at 2pm ET

-Get some campuses to talk about what they are doing with Grouper 2.2


Next Grouper Call: Wed. March. 11, 2015 at noon ET


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