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  • Grouper Call 24-Apr-2013
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Minutes: Grouper Call 24-April-2013

Chris Hyzer, U. Penn (stand-in chair)
Jim Fox, University of Washington
Hari Hirani, UC Berkeley

New Action Item

[AI] (Jim) share Dojo search widget that he uses with Chris.

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Dave) find out about switching the namespace access from TomZ
[AI] (Emily) look at thread on attributes and permissions and make
suggestions on improving wiki doc if needed.
[AI] SteveO share the Grouper Download page notification with Andrew to
get his input  
[AI] (Chris) upgrade the Grouper demo to the latest Grouper version 2.1
[AI] (Dave) add info to the wiki regarding doing testing on
[AI] (Dave) put test data in the Grouper demo to show using an LDAP


DOJO UI Progress

Chris has found solutions to handling a few issues with Dojo to meet the needs of the new Grouper UI.

1. When there's an error communicating with the server, Dojo by default silently absorbs the error and does not display the error to the user.
In some situations -- such as when there's an authorization problem or the server is down -- a message to the user is desirable.
Chris has been editing Dojo to handle this, so that certain errors will appear in a popup box.

2. Chris has used "filtering select" to address issues around the spinner/throbber and the use of combo boxes, so it's apparent when the system is "thinking."

3. For some combo boxes in the Grouper UI (such as on the Permissions screen), the choices are based on other choices on the screen.
Chris set up Dojo so that during the AJAX query, other form elements are available.   

[AI] (Jim) share Dojo search widget that he uses with Chris

An advantage to Dojo is the excellent accessibility features it provides.  Dojo also handles mobile applications well.
Loading Dojo may be a bit more cumbersome than loading jQuery.

Chris wil change the Grouper custom tag that uses DHTMLX library to use the Dojo Library

Chris is using Dojo for:
-Combo boxes for searches (filtering select)
-Tree control
-Pop up windows may be replaced with Dojo dialogs
-Tooltips (maybe use Dojo)

Q: How do the Dojo tooltips work on a mobile device?
A: Need to try that.

Chris will get set up a space on the demo server with Grouper v2.2, so it will be possible to demo the new combo boxes, etc.
Multiple Subject Sources

Chris followed up on the subject source issue raised by CMU:

Chris implemented a solution that involves use of filters, as outlined here:

Jim commented that this is a useful enhancement.

Next Call: Wed. 8-May-2013 at noon ET

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