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  • Grouper Call 23-Aug-2017
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Grouper Call 23 Aug-2017


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Jim Fox, University of Washington
  • Shilen Patel, Duke

Grouper Action Items are here


Tracking Action Items

Current work tasks


Vivek – WS messaging integration

Chris –patches, attestation, deprovisioning


Bert – PSPNG


  • GSH-NG is done Improve GSH

  • Messaging with real time loader (needs example from Chris)


Issue roundup

  • False alarm on wrong results in WS

  • Privileges with attestation

  • Bad membership finder patch released by shilen

  • Server sync clock patch released by shilen

  • GSH patch released by Shilen

  • WS login patch coded by chad and released by chris

  • Paging memberships patch released by chris

  • Rabbitmq patch released by Chris

  • Upper case issue with subjects id/identifier

  • Grouper training discussion

  • Loader via csv [AI for chris to add to jira] (added to Grouper Action Items Google doc)

  • [AI for chris] Kumi email about everyentity and attributes (added to Grouper Action Items Google doc)

  • [AI for chris] pull messages from external queue example for shilen (added to Grouper Action Items Google doc)

  • Discuss patching and gradle

    • Two webapps that use the grouper api

    • 2.1.5

    • App import all jars, single line to point to maven central package

  • Logging in loader, patch released by chris

  • actAs for messaging bridge, patch released by chris

  • Upgrades and backwards compatibility

  • [AI for chris] typo in ui text file from yoann (added to Grouper Action Items Google doc)


Grouper at 2017 TechEx

Tutorial (Sunday morning) and Grouper BoF (Tuesday)



Next Grouper Call: Wed. Sept. 6, 2017











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