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  • Grouper Call 20-Sept-2017
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Grouper Call 20 Sept-2017


  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Chad Redman, UNC
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  •  Carey Black, tOhio State Univ.

  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Grouper Action Items are here



Current work tasks

Vivek – WS messaging integration

  •             Discussion on routing and rabbitMQ
  •              Added routing queue for RabbitMQ, not final yet


Chris –patches, attestation, deprovisioning


 Chris finishing Grouper Attestation work


  • There is screen that shows all attestations you did not do anything about. This screen is slow to generate.
  •  Chris added another attribute at Group level to indicate if attestation is assigned at group level or stem level.  Then can query that. Shilen thinks this approach reasonable.  
  • Chris reviewed the various attributes connected to attestation, including those related to email notification
  • Should there be attestation comments/notes?
  • Right now attestation changes the date stamp
  • The UI for attestation is somewhat similar to de-provisioning, which Chris is also working on and plans to show at 2017 TechEx
  • Chris hopes to have some work on provisioning to show at TechEx too


Bert – PSPNG


Shilen – GSHNG

  • Added index on temp change log for 2.4
  • Updated real time loader to handle ldap jobs.  If message in queue for ldap then do full sync on the group (via database insert)

  • If you configure message listener, if you get errors, should base config have that

  • Should messaging be commented out in the client base?  Then user can put it in the non-base if they want it.
  • [AI] ( Shilen) comment out messaging in client base


  • Issue on the email list   - Grouper LDAP not returning all information -For the  loader,  would moving from vtldap to  ldaptive help?
  • [AI] (Shilen) will look at for the Grouper loader moving from vtldap to  ldaptive


 TechEx agenda for Sunday. Oct. 15,  8am to noon, Grouper in Action Tutorial   – 33 enrolled

Instructors: ChrisH, Bert, Bill T, Carl

Comments: it will be important to highlight TIER Packaging approach to deploying Grouper. Chris to follow up on this.


 Issue roundup

  • ·         TIER Grouper 2.3.0 packaging
  • ·         EveryEntity patch works
  • ·         Maximum time for loader jobs query
  • ·         Messaging discussion
  • ·         Discussions with ChadR  to join Grouper team
  •           Change log temp index
  • ·         Long running WS call jstack
  • ·         Cloned grouper environment runs slower
  • ·         Allow rabbitmq to support TLS:
  • ·         Attribute framework code sample
  • ·         Is grouper loader status
  • ·         Messaging routing keys
  • ·         Grouper LDAP not returning all information (AI for Shilen)
  • ·         AD/LDAP timeout
  • ·         Web service issue upgrading from 2.1.2 to 2.3.0 (AI for Chris)
  • ·         Demo server and shib
  • ·         Copy group and new attribute framework
  • ·         Vivek password (AI for Chris)
  • ·         Patching and container
  • ·         Jeffrey Crawford PSP rapid fire create and rename problem (AI for Bert)


Instrumentation data can be used for Grouper Loader status - agreed this is a good idea.  Discuss at TechEx


Grouper at 2017 TechEx

Tutorial (Sunday morning) and Grouper BoF (Tuesday)



Next Grouper Call: Wed. Oct.  4, 2017











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