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  • Grouper Call 20-July-2011
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Minutes: Grouper-dev call 20-July-2011


Tom Barton, University of Chicago (chair)
Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania
Shilen Patel, Duke
Lynn Garrison, Penn State
Tom Zeller, U. Memphis
Steve Olshansky, Internet2
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2 (scribe)

*** Grouper 2.0: Code freeze on Friday, July 22, Release on Wed., August 3 ****

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Shilen) will talk with uPortal folks about Grouper uPortal integration, and will keep Jean Marie in the loop.

[AI] (Chris) will investigate putting the OpenConext Teams UI on the Grouper demo site.

[AI] (Gary) will address the Admin UI privilege issue (JIRA 608) if his time allows  

[AI] (Everyone) provide information on the Grouper 2.0 highlights wiki page.

[AI] (Everyone) review JIRA issues in preparation for Grouper 2.0

[AI] (Chris) will implement member search and sort in the Lite UI  

[AI] (Rob) will follow up with Danno on obtaining the server for the Continuous Integration Environment.  

[AI] (TomZ and Chris) will discuss/work on LDAP Grouper Loader for importing groups. JIRA 442  

[AI] (Everyone) review Rob's chapters and give him feedback on the Grouper Users List.

Reminder:   Agendize Grouper UI strategy

*** Grouper 2.0: Code freeze on Friday, July 22, Release on Wed., August 3 ****


Grouper Survey

    • The Grouper survey was open June 22 - July 13, 2011
    • Thanks to all who participated.
    • The survey is closed and results are being compiled.
    • 120 participants started the survey; 69 completed the survey
    • A report will be available in August, linked from the Grouper website.
    • TomB commented that there is increasing discussion about Grouper in many contexts and forums.

Grouper 2.0 Release

    • Real-time provisioning will not be ready for the planned code freeze on Friday July 22
    • Time to work on real-time provisioning has been somewhat limited, due to factors that should change in the future.
    • Probably doesn't make sense to push back the Grouper 2.0 code freeze and release dates
    • Instead, include real-time provisioning in the Grouper 2.1 release planned for October.
    • For the Grouper 2.0 release, TomZ can finish up other fixes, which will improve the speed of provisioning
    • TomZ will also undo some of the changes that would require changes in config files
    • Downside of NOT including real-time provisioning in 2.0, is that every time we do a release, we are asking campuses to upgrade again.
    • Can mitigate this by clearly stating in the announcement of the Grouper 2.0 release that Grouper 2.1 is coming with real-time provisioning in October timeframe.
    • It is possible that the upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1 will be relatively minor (requiring a new jar and some config changes), will not require a change to the database.
    • It was acknowledged that real-time provisioning is a very high priority for PSU.
    • PSU plans to transition to Grouper by end of the year.

Grouper 2.0 Issues Review

    • Shilen reported that for namespace transition, much of the work is done and will be included with the Grouper 2.0 release.
    • Adding an option to copy attributes when a stem is copied will be ready with Grouper 2.1
    • Chris is working on the web services changes for  allow / deny and limits.
    • A few other minor issues assigned to Chris will be deferred until the Grouper  2.1 release
    • Shilen will work on performance benchmarks for the Grouper 2.0 release.
    • The highlights page at is the first step in creating announcement documentation for the Grouper 2.0 release.
    • TomZ will add some additional details to the page by Friday.
    • These wiki pages are also important in preparing the release:

    • Chris will test MySQL, UNIX, and Windows
    • Shilen will test Oracle
    • TomZ will test  Postgres
    • Gary will test HSQDL

    • Shilen will work on upgrade instructions, starting with the wiki on upgrading to Grouper 1.7.
    • Subject search and sort requires additional steps affecting XML
    • The API for LDAPPC is separate (involves 14 new jars)
    • LDAPPC includes Grouper provisioning, but not exclusively so, it's the "swiss army knife" of connectors
    • Need to add LDAPPC to the list of packages

Q: Do build scripts need tweaking?

A: They worked when we  deployed Grouper 2.0 to the demo server

May need a build script for LDAPPC NG.

Next Call: Wed. August 3, at noon ET

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