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  • Grouper Call 19-Oct-2016
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Grouper Call Wed. Oct. 19, 2016 at noon ET


Chris Hyzer, U. Penn, (chair)

Jim Fox, U. Washington

Tom Barton, U. Chicago

Shilen Patel, Duke 

Pregash J Devasagayam, U. Colorado Boulder

Marwan Shaher,  U. Colorado Boulder

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Action Items

[AI] (Shilen) create a wiki explaining the design for the changelog for the loader

[AI] (Shilen) help with Florida Shib/ADFS Auth issue

[AI] (Bert) Follow up on Philip Harle issue of bushy groups in AD

[AI] (Misagh) submit a ticket on the Internet Explorer 11 issue

[AI] Shilen add issues from his TechEx notes on instrumentation to JIRA

[AI] (Bert) respond on Grouper applications stuck after time of inactivity issue. GRP-1362, fixed in 2.3 branch

[AI] (Chris) try build again related to the PSP NG issues

[AI] (Chris) Configure sources.xml as properties file,

[AI] (Chris) work on ehcache xml (currently in progress)

[AI]  (Bert) respond to inquiry on Grouper-Users list on June 30  re pspng error

[AI]  (Chris)  Add to jira or roadmap and talk to Bert and John Gasper re Rules on an individual’s membership  DONE

[AI] (Bert) Put these in jira: Grace Periods, Membership Rules, People/Account subjects

[AI] (Bert) Create patch for case-sensitivity issue [checking fix in docker first] [10-5-16: GRP-1372, fixed in 2.3 branch]

[AI] (Bert)  document the solution to “turn off old psp issue” that was raised on the list

[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia


Current work tasks

Vivek working on Grouper Accessibility

  see wiki

  • Hope to have a patch for Grouper 2.3 to address accessibility

  • Keith Wessel and Keith Haze from University of Illinois are helping with the Grouper Accessibility issues

  • Pregash - U. Colorado has an accessibility lab that can test once the code is in the Grouper demo server

  • Tom - there is another accessibility evaluator at U. Illinois

Misagh – grade


  • Grouper config files overlays work
  • Grouper Box Integration

Bert – PSPNG

Shilen added patch for subject identifier / loader issue and this has been helpful for performance

Shilen plans to work on change log to improve performance 

-working on change log for loader should yield incremental changes

Can this be a separate daemon from the loader?

Similar to Grouper changelog?

Should this apply to other events, such as creating a group?

Would be a value to having everything in one place

[AI] (Shilen) create a wiki explaining the design for the changelog for the loader

  • Question around real-time update to a loader job using a table

  • Include a simple use case on the wiki documentation

  • Chris: some loader jobs are triggered by complex queries, such as checking if a user is already in a group.

  • Grouper Changelog Consumer Table uses a good approach


IDIndex Patch - Shilen has finished this work

TIER Grouper deployment guide
- To be discussion at on the TIER API call 

Issue roundup

TIER SCIM documentation (thanks Vivek for work on this)

-Need to integrate with Grouper installer if there is community interest         

-TIER SCIM invitation to use (Chris sent to Grouper-users list on Oct 18, 2016)


Stopwatch errors - solved now, patch was created


Philip Harle, doesn’t find bushy groups in AD (PSP-NG issue)

  • [AI] (Bert) Follow up on Philip Harle issue of bushy groups in AD         

Hide folders in new UI (patch fixes?)

Florida and Shib auth (same as ADFS?) (AI] (Shilen) help with Florida and Shib Auth issue

Suggestion to send to Shib Users list, could be SP config issue?

What about OIDC? Concern that it would need translation

  • Wait for a real world use case

What about delegation and management of OIDC metadata - for a future discussion


  • Resolved

Null contextid in change log

  • Fixed in psp

Grouper two way sync in Netherlands

  • They may join a Grouper call in future

Grouper cache next sequence daemon running on multiple nodes (jira?)

  • Shilen will handle

TIER - Grouper packaging image using Docker (anyone want to try?)

Apereo in June 2017 in Philadelphia half day Grouper session

  • -Chris talking with Bill Thompson about this

PSPNG patches (Bert will update document to make patch, make another patch?)

Loader using member table for identifier loader jobs - DONE


Add idIndex to change log entries - DONE

 Bert grouperdist group on webprod3 - DONE

Grouper loader group description - no official request on this

IE errors? - Misagh had issues but can’t be reproduced

ESB questions - decided to go with SQL

Creating empty groups from loader - satisfied

Grouper UI reverse proxy ssl - Chris replied

Grouper Kuali Rice update - U Maryland, Chris replied, we are waiting to hear back

 Loader attributes reloaded before run Shilen responded

Add delay on days to USDU (Michael created jira)

 WS updating attributes example - handled

  Loader jobs and updating jobs (documented) -

  useInClauseForIdAndIdentifier explanation - Shilen replied

 Norman Singley CAS issues 9/28 (Chris handing this?)

 Inherited privilege normalization doesn’t work right (jira)


 Next Grouper Call: Wed. Nov. 2, 2016






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