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  • Grouper Call 19 April-2017
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Grouper Call April 19, 2017


Chris Hyzer - Penn (chair)
Jim Fox - UDub
Bert Bee-Lindgren, GA Tech
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2
Shilen Patel - Duke
New Action Items
[AI] (Chris) discuss PSP NG UI options at Global Summit
[AI] (Bert) will survey Grouper list on ldaptive /VTLDAP config strings issue
(AI for Bert) reply to Nubli@IU PSPNG BushyDN OU Deletion (4/11)
Action Items
[AI] (Bert) Bert survey list on vt-ldap configuration strings being used for ldap subject sources and loader jobs
[AI] (Chris and Bert)  turn action items into JIRAs where appropriate (Chris done)
[AI] (Bert) Encrypted password in ldaptive - Look at vt-ldap, wrap string in a call similar to decryptIfEncrypted( )  [Move to Jira]
[AI] (Shilen) add to instrumentation wiki steps for adding a new count (such as for provisioning data) (DONE)
[AI]  (Bert)  status page for pspng (Gettes email) [Move to Jira, work on at Global Summit]

[AI] (Bert) Marwan Shahar and deleting groups in pspng? (2/20?) [In progress, at least groups schema that require a member]
[AI] (Bert)  get back to Akki Kumar about when groups that require a member will be implemented, GRP-1376: PSPNG: Support groups that require a member  [Will update jira]
[AI]  (Chris)  Chad Redman 2/22: 2 issues: The source ID drop down list doesn't really show the "IDs" Also order seems random, so it takes a while to find the right source. (moved to jira: GRP-1513: subject api diagnostics should show source id)
[AI] (Bert) 2/23 Paul Engle: pspng authoritative all values of attribute  
[AI] (Bert)  2/23 Julio Macavilca: malformed DN [GRP-1533 & Shilen’s 4/13 email]
[AI] (Bert) 2/27: Paul Engle, I was excited when the grouper_loader_log seemed to indicate that the job finished in an hour or so. Less so once I looked at the log and realized it was actually still running its worker threads... :  [Reply, Same as Michael’s request]
[AI (Bert)  follow up with Martin Krenn on ldap passwords externalized [Reply]
[AI (Bert) document the findings somewhere on wiki on Grouper and openldap for large groups
[AI] (Chris) add TIER API to the Grouper download page and do testing
[AI] (Shilen) follow up with U Colorado on patches for accessibility and cc grouper-core
[AI] (Bert)  reply to Chris Sutherin UMBC on pspng examples [Bert to reply]
[AI] (Bert)  reply to Scott Koranda about massaging group names in provisioning
[AI] (Bert)  reply to Shaun K about name null in pspng
[AI] (Bert) to reply to Peter St Onge
[AI ] (Chris), making delete group more efficient for large groups, fix issue with not allowed to delete group (won’t fix)
[AI] (Bert) Jeffrey Crawford email 1/12, full sync missing members
[AI] (Bert)  Scott Koranda email 1/12, error on change log consumer psp
[AI] (Bert) email the list about (a small) Office365 versus Dropbox and next PSP project
[AI] (Bert) document how to build PSP NG and patch it  [Bert needs to finish last couple steps] (AI for Chris to try it afterwards)  [Done, Bert’s updated the doc]
[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia
• Note: NYU inquired about their PSP-NG issue, Shilen asked them to re-send issue to him

• Chris and Shilen will pick up some of the PSP-NG emails

Completed Action Items (or moved to JIRA)
[AI] (Shilen) add to instrumentation wiki steps for adding a new count (such as for provisioning data) (DONE)
[AI] (Bert) Bert will update the doc about “make_patch” command [Done]
[AI] (Bert) Put these in jira: Grace Periods, Membership Rules, People/Account subjects  [Done]
[AI] (Bert)  document the solution to “turn off old psp issue” that was raised on the list [Done]
[AI ] (Chris) get Grouper installer working for mysql and postgres (moved to jira: GRP-1518: grouper installer should work with mysql and postgres) (DONE)
[AI]  (Chris)  2/20 : Liam Hoekenga, inherited privileges.  Do they work for existing objects? (NO, they don’t, I need to fix this) (moved to jira: )
[AI] (Chris) translate links on wiki from svn to github per email (DONE)
[AI] (Bert) look at subject ID and subject Identifier terms and text on source diagnostics screen (NOT NEEDED)

2. Current work tasks
·         Vivek – Attestation - progress being made
·         Misagh – on hold -
Chris –
• grouper loader on UI  - wrapping this up by Global Summit

• patches

Bert – PSPNG
• Groups that require members

◦ Deletion of last member resulting in delete group

◦ Patch done by Global Summit

• Seek quick wins next

Shilen – instrumentation
• Wrapping up

• Patch is out

• Work on wiki

• Penn to put in prod

Bill – TIER Grouper deployment guide
3. Global summit
·         Roadmap review
Office 365 or dropbox endpoint to pspng -  For Release 2.5
• Can leverage Unicon work

• Bert will implement AMQP for Rabbit MQ (JIRA)

[AI] (Chris) discuss PSP NG UI options at Global Summit
[AI] (Bert) will survey Grouper list on ldaptive /VTLDAP config strings issue
Agenda for Grouper  BoF , Tues April 25, 2017 at noon ET
• For reference, here is the deck used at 2016 TechEx

·         Dinner April 25th

4. Issue roundup
·         Subject diagnostics suggestions about free form search
·         LDAP binary encoded subjectID (should that be a source API recommendation, use a clear text attribute?)
·         Import/export problems (some jiras)
·         Accessibility review from Colorado
·         Java6 conformant code
·         Github issue committed a million changes
·         Authn and authz to grouperWs
·         Bert at global summit? 90%
·         WS API links and github
·         Admins and groups access to loader in UI (and instrumentation and other things)
o   GRP-1520: grouper loader security for group and admins (fixed in patch)
·         Error and jar mismatch in groovysh
·         LDAP loader error
·         I2midev6 (memory, scripts, ssh keys, etc)
o   (AI for Chris) put sudo rules in there so services can start as appadmin
·         Escape things for ldap filters in pspng (progress on this?)
·         GRP-1514: null pointer in inherited privileges and rules (fixed in patch)
·         GRP-1521: Instrumentation counts (patch)
·         GRP-1506: New feature - Configurable subject icons (ready for pull) (fixed in patch)
·         GRP-1531: Make the MANAGER assignment more smart (pull requests merged)
·         GRP-1532: upgrade vt-ldap due to security issue (patch)
·         (AI for Bert) reply to Nubli@IU PSPNG BushyDN OU Deletion (4/11)
·         Subject API remove Subject source (Null source adapter? J )
·         WS LDAP authn
·         Various attestation question
o   otherJob configuration
o   batch emails to users (100 line items in email?)
o   need a user focused ui screen (in future)?
o   Dates of last attestation, starts when identified?
·         GRP-1523: installer with mysql does not work(fixed)
·         Changelog null context id (Gasper)
·         GDeployment Guide release 1 (AI for all) review the links in yesterday’s BT email)
·         (AI for Bert) reply to Pregash PSPNG do not provision include/exclude
·         Creating composite groups with grouper WS
·         How to patch demo server






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