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  • Grouper Call 18-April-2018
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Grouper Call 18-April-2018



  • Chris Hyzer, Penn, Chair
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Chad Redmond, UNC
  • Carey Black, OSU
  • Vivek Sachdiva, independent

Action Items: Grouper Project Action Items (Google Doc)

Intellectual Property Framework: 


New Action Items from this call

  • [AI] Shilen make Jira on Multiple DB config and would subject API in Grouper eliminate need for subject properties to have DB configs


Upcoming Grouper 2.4 release

  •  DDL changes
  •  Rip out old UI
  •  Deprovisioning
  •  Changes in WS API (alternate names?  What else?)
  • Beta release?  Fix with patches if not re-release?
  •  What else is needed for release?
  •  PSPNG changes?
  • What needs to happen with build scripts / maven?
  • Links from old to new: patch?
  • Database configuration: patch?
  • Polish the UI: patch?
  • Reports: patch?
  • Upgrade WS libs? No, save for 2.5

Shilen subject API to use ldaptive.  Nice in 2.4 release. Could be done soon, needs testing.  Should be in 2.4 beta and upgrade steps

Matt: keep the admin ui?  Maybe have a tarball with jars to be able to turn on the old uis…


 Vivek UI work, bug in esb

Lite UI to New UI is done except for some wordings.  Review that later.

Working on ESB connector bug, is fixed.  Test locally.

Things like membership auditnig should wait until after beta

 Chris WS logging, deprovisioning

Commit ws logging (same patch as shilens patch)

Commit deprovisioning

Cut a tarball

 Bert – PSPNG

  Shilen WS issues, jiras, patchs

Patch on installer released for windows

Update to 2.4 set and retrieve alternate names

Ws patch rename a group dont set alternate name

Couple tests always failing, fixed

Test patch for using ldaptive with loader (default to vtldap in 2.3) (default to ldaptive in 2.4)

Delete inactive records failing with bad point in time data fixed in patch

Ldaptive in subject api needs testing

Work with Chris offline about DDL changes

Work with Chris offline about WS changes for 2.4

 Chad – Jiras, libraries

Travis CI is building now - go through poms and make sure all built.  WS pom was out of date. Take out oracle jdk 7 build. And openjdk6 version.  Builds with openjdk 7 and 8 and oracle 8. Took out coveralls, doesnt publish.  Publishing to ghpages, branch in git repo. Updates thousands and thousands of files.  Publish snapshots to sonatype repo. 2.4 snapshot versions for everything we are compiling.

Things to do before beta or 2.4?  

Should we require java8 and tomcat8?  Yes

Keep source level back?  perhaps...

 Issue roundup

·         Charon SCIM module (chad discussed with Keith)

·         PIT delete inactive records and patches (fixed)

·         Justin and Bert and AD error

·         Multiple DB config (would subject API in grouper eliminate need for subject properties to have DB configs?  We should add that to future list

[AI] Shilen make Jira on Multiple DB config and would subject API in Grouper eliminate need for subject properties to have DB configs

·         Email notification issues

·         Utah getting back into grouper

·         (GRP-1717) add alternate name in WS API

·         (GRP-1728) PITUtils.deleteInactiveRecords might fail if timestamps in PIT are wrong (status)

  • Delete everything older than X, goes through each table in right order and deletes

  • If one of the tables had the wrong end date, might not have deleted that, but in later table, foreign key to that

  • If it gets an error, it does the normal object deletion

  • Fixed in patch

·         Activemq change log bug?

·         Grouper work with postgres v10? [AI update requirements wiki], upgrade driver?

·         (GRP-1727) add option to not add alternate name during a group rename (waiting on WS logging patch)

·         (GRP-1720) gsh on windows cant run scripts from installer like before

·         (GRP-1729) column "value_integer" is of type bigint but expression is of type character varying

·         VIEWer cant read group

·         Full day training at techex

·         March 22nd Grouper Talk: U-M's Grouper groups (based on TIER deployment guide) and U-M Grouper use cases.

·         Patch for installer on windows

·         (GRP-1730) The PSPNG isn't deleting groups properly [AI for Bert]

·         Matt Black sync PIT tables woes

·         (GRP-1731) Error using native activemq integration

·         Web service to get custom attributes on group ( Jira for improved error handling )

( )

·         (GRP-1732) Get Travis CI working again

·         Remote database with grouper slow [AI chris update requirements doc]

·         (GRP-1733) Add Audit view for user (do we need an index?)

  • GRP-1734: add grouper admin overall audit query tool

Grouper at 2018 Global Summit in San Diego

   Grouper in Action: Access Management Strategies for Higher Education and Research Tutorial -  

   Grouper BOF



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