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  • Grouper Call 17-July-2013
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Minutes: Grouper Call 17-July-2013


Tom Barton, U. Chicago (chair)  
Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania  
David Langenberg, U. Chicago
Jim Fox, University of Washington
Steve Olshansky, Internet2

New Action Items

[AI] (DaveL) connect with Rob Carter re CIFER Provisioning & Integration workstream
[AI] (DaveL) follow up with SURFnet for architecture diagrams etc.

Carryover Action Items

[AI] (Andrew) will let us know what emerges from the Apereo security notification process work.
[AI] (Shilen) email users lists to ask who is using the legacy attributes and ask how they are using them
[AI] (Emily) follow up with Jeff around adding to the community requests table his idea for additional attribute functionality in the new UI (for post-2.2.0 release).


Federated Groups

There have been discussions in the community about establishing standards for globally unique group naming for situations where
applications or services in different domains may want to refer to the same group.

Jim noted that Univ. Washington uses the practice of putting an URN in front of a group to be used externally. The group agreed that it's not hard to come up with standards but the challenge is agreeing on a scheme that will gain broad acceptance.

Chris stated it would be beneficial to use a unique term for each type of federated group to ensure that we don't get confused between
1) a group of federated users (a group that can hold external people), and 2) a federated group (where you can't go to one place to get all members, must go to multiple places and query).

Currently a central place to establish these standards and definitions is not yet agreed upon. It's worth being on the lookout for emerging developments.

Grouper v2.2 updates

For the new Grouper UI, Chris has completed work on storage of UI Favorites and Preferences User Data.

Next, Chris will work on getting the new Grouper UI main page to show dynamically.
After that he will work on linking in the other new UI pages.

Grouper SCIM Integration

Chris has been working on the proof of concept for the Grouper SCIM integration. DaveL will take over this project going forward.

Decision is still being made on which open source Java SCIM implementation to use. The Ox Project from GLUU is one option.

There is a question on whether using OAUTH authentication to the SCIM web service is a firm requirement from SURFnet.
Dave will look into this.  Dave will also request the architecture diagrams.

[AI] (DaveL) follow up with SURFnet for architecture diagrams etc.

Provisioning Strategy Discussion Continued

The Grouper project provisioning strategy moving forward was discussed on the last call, and there was a follow up email exchange between Scott Koranda and Tom Barton.

Decision was to
-move to maintenance mode for PSP
-focus first on SCIM and SURFnet project
-then most likely focus on other point to point solutions, keeping speed and efficiency in mind.

Dave has summarized the plan here:

Dave will also start attending calls of the CIFER Provisioning and Integration team.
[AI] (DaveL) connect with Rob Carter re CIFER Provisioning & Integration work stream.

Next Call: Wednesday, July 31 at noon ET

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