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  • Grouper Call 16-Nov-2016
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  • Chris Hyzer, U Penn (Chair)
  • Pregash J Devasagayam, U. Colorado Boulder
  • Marwan Shaher,  U. Colorado Boulder
  • Jim Fox, University of Washington
  • Vivek Sachdeva, Independent
  • Tom Barton, U Chicago
  • Bert Bee-Lindgren, Georgia Tech
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2

Action Items

[AI] (Chris)  follow up on Diagnostic servlet needs patch

[AI] (Chris)  work on Attribute framework documentation

[AI] (Chris)  work on Get Groups lite WS paging

[AI] Chris find out more about PSP at Penn and how it’s going

[AI] (Bert and Chris) discuss the best approach to groups requiring full sync

[AI] (Bert) email the Grouper users list on how to handle the “LDAP  must have member in group” issue

[AI] (Chris) will do code review for the accessibility work

[AI] (Bert) follow up and reply to email on Hibernate Connection Pool issue

[AI] (Bert) look into Compile issue: Bert to look into it. Is Bert’s work area in sync?

[AI] (Bert) Follow up on Philip Harle issue of bushy groups in AD

[AI] (Bert) document how to build PSP NG and patch it (AI for Chris to try it afterwards)

[AI] (Chris) Configure sources.xml as properties file, (In progress)

[AI] (Bert) Put these in jira: Grace Periods, Membership Rules, People/Account subjects

[AI] (Bert) Start discussion about how to handle empty groups (not allowed in some LDAPs) and see if community can decide on a single approach

[AI] (Bert)  document the solution to “turn off old psp issue” that was raised on the list

[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia


Current work tasks

Vivek – Accessibility

  • Vivek: 60% done, but ready  to do some testing now.
    • using MAC and can’t test the window aspects on the MAC
    • Vivek will install Grouper (and Eclipse) on wife’s Windows machine to do Windows testing.
  • Chris: make a patch with the installer, it will make a test patch, then install that on the Demo Server. Don’t do this on development, only when done. Chris can document this process
  • Chris: Could make another environment in demo server if needed
  • Possibly use a port from the Windows browser to the Mac
  • Checkboxes in privileges tab are an issue.
  • When hover over, they change state, but Hover is not accessible.
  • Replacing hover could require time-consuming changes 
  • Currently Vivek is making a list of issues like this but not addressing all of them yet
  • Pregash: yes there are some big changes needed. Good that progress is being made and that there are issues on the roadmap.
  • Chris: what about a tooltip? You can’t click on it.  How do tooltips work in an accessible world?
  • Answer: have a question mark that is always there.
  • Issue with that: question marks all over the page?
    • Need a more elegant solution
  • Use real checkboxes instead of images
  • There are 3 states… immediate, effective and ?
  • Use a link you can tab to?
  • Vivek is about halfway through the PDF report on accessibility
  • U Colorado Accessibility lab will do testing before the patches are made
  • [AI] (Chris) will do code review for the accessibility work

Misagh – gradle

Chris – config overlays, patches, packaging

Ehcache is almost ready. New file converts from the xml file

Chris has been working with the TIER Packaging working group on Docker issues

Bert – PSPNG

  • Working on observations from UC Santa Cruz
  • Moving towards issue around  full sync after memberships are in place
  • Question on single value,  multi assigned attributes in GSH
  • Tried set attribute

Chris: two ways to attributes or values on object

  • If it’s a single value, use assign method

  • If it’s multi, use the assign method

Bert will send the code to Chris if issue continues

  • In LDAP, can’t have an empty group; group must have members
  • Now PSP-NG creates groups without regard to must have 1st member
  • Bert plans to create two code paths and a config item to address this issue
  • JimF: U Washington uses a null member to deal with this issue
  • Chris: would be good if the community would agree to one solution.
  • [AI] (Bert) email the Grouper users list on how to handle the “LDAP  must have member in group” issue
  • Test harness and sync --
  • Bert: create an attribute for groups requiring full sync?
  • Chris: best to do that with Grouper messaging
  • PSP will listen on a certain queue
  • [AI] (Bert and Chris) discuss the best approach to groups requiring full sync
  • Chris will add info to the wiki page
  • Suggestion to look at Grouper Box integration wiki for an example of listening on a queue
  • [AI] Chris find out more about PSP at Penn and how it’s going
  • Bert will work on action items when the UC Santa Cruz issue is solved

Shilen – real time loader

Bill – TIER Grouper deployment guide 

Issue roundup

·         Tier externalizing text - see Chris email and respond

·         Hibernate pool default settings - added a patch, now resolved

·         CAS shib authn - resolved

·         Attributes in UI (provisioning and loader) - Chris will work on this

·         (GRP-1392) processing all groups to see which ones should be provisioned takes a while on large registries with few attributes

·         pspng at penn and AD - FIXED

  • SSL, needs Java7+ - done

  • read/write pool for subject source (built in subject filter in jdbc2?) - still discussing solution

  • Handle properties files in jars on windows (chad redman pull request) - Chris accepted this pull request

  • Csrf error with slash and new tomcat (patch) - done

  • Scim documentation - organized better now

  • Grouper reverse proxy ssl success - solved

  • Diagnostic servlet needs patch [AI] (Chris)  follow up on Diagnostic servlet needs patch

  • Pspng fail on missing members (AI for bert?) - GRP 1391 reopened, in progress

  • Error message when delete group and part of composite (patch)

  • Patch success for running loader on multiple nodes and change log issues  - Fixed

  • Jim Fox groupSave patch - patch is out (fixed?)

  • Grouper installer tarball and patch dir (update on grouper installer) - Fixed

  • Change log web service at md  -- works

  • Attribute framework documentation

    • (AI]  Chris work on Attribute framework documentation

  • Move O365 connector to Grouper GITHUB from Unicon (DaveL suggestion)

  • Get Groups lite WS paging

    • (AI ] (chris) work on Get Groups lite WS paging


Next Grouper Call: Wed. Nov 30, 2016




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