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  • Grouper Call 15-July-2015
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Notes: Grouper Call of  Wed., July 15, 2015




Chris Hyzer, U. Penn, Chair

Tom Barton, UChicago

Shilen Patel, Duke

Jim Fox, U. Washington

Emily Eisbruch, Internet2  


New Action Items - from July 15, 2015


[AI] (Shilen) start working on the folder admin privs.  Make sure backward compatible, old privs will just be synonyms for the new ones if used in WS or whatever

[AI[ (Chris) make progress with messaging and change log consumer

[AI] (Chris) discuss with Vivek how renames and include/exclude should work (DONE)

[AI] (Chris) forward the TIER list of contributions to core (DONE)

[AI] (Chris) email John G about the google connector (DONE)


Carry Over Action Items



[AI] (DaveL) follow up on provisioning empty groups to LDAP to be sure the solution is documented  





Grouper Team Member to replace DaveL

There are 3 candidates.

Discussions are continuing.


Update on Grouper Development

Chris has been working on Grouper Installer and Patch Creator

-will be working on messaging and changelog


Shilen will work on Folder Privileges, slated for Grouper 2.3

See Grouper Roadmap


Patch Creator

  • Experimental for now, should increase reliability and be a time saver

  • a helpful feature is the ability to use AUTORUN  in

  • Demo Server is up to date.


Overall, we have had good feedback on the installer.

This patch creator should be helpful too


How to run unit tests for patched Grouper?



Grouper-Users Email List

Community appreciates polite discourse on this list

We want to be sure it stays and easy and friendly place for people to get help


 Issue roundup

  1. Rules reporting, there’s a view

  2. LDAP connection loses track

  3. PSP validate LDAP connections

  4. Legacy types and attributes in UI

  5. Building from tag needs to work, corrected two tags

  6. Private email about PSP and sources (Syracuse)

  7. 2.2.2 plans - targeting release in September 2015

  8. UI and IE

  9. Testing patches

  10. Patching and files with dependencies

  11. grouperInstaller and non interactive mode



  12. patch creator:


  13. import/export and auditing patch

  14. provisioning google groups from Grouper

    1. JohnG from Unicon replied to this

    2. long term would be good to see if this can work with new PSP

    3. [AI] (Chris) will follow up with JohnG from Unicon on provisioning Google groups from Grouper (Done)

  15. api query attribute defs, uuid vs id

  16. selective provisioning patch  -

    1. This feature can be very helpful

    2. Be sure this is highlighted in the Grouper 2.2.2 release

  17. sources.xml jexl name description patch

TIER Update

Steve Zoppi shared with Chris info on areas that TIER institutions may be able to contribute to. SteveZ asked Chris areas where Grouper most needs help. Chris suggested:

  • Continuous integration

  • security review

  • testing

[AI] (Chris) will send this to core team so team members can potentially suggest areas where help is needed. (DONE)

Next Grouper call: Wed. July 29 at noon ET

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