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  • Grouper Call 14-June-2017
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Grouper Call 14 June-2017



  • Chris Hyzer, Penn (chair)
  • Jim Fox, U. Washington
  • Shilen Patel, Duke
  • Bert Bee Lindgren, GA Tech
  • Carey Black, tOhio State University
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2


Action Items

[AI] (Chris) ask Misagh about Grouper and github and build process; it tries to autobuild the repo and is failing

[AI] (Carey) provide specific info on pages on Grouper wiki that need updating


[AI] (Chris) edit LDAP loader in UI fails when legacy group type doesn’t exist
[AI] (Chris) GRP-1489 pull request
[AI] (Chris) update GSH documentation per discussion with Carey of O
[AI] (Chris) reply to Brigitte about MyServices in newUI and mask branches

[AI] (Chris) update GSH documentation per discussion with Carey of OSU

[AI]  (Chris) WS LDAP authentication
[AI]  (Chris) remove privileges from groups (Akki Kumar)

[AI] (Bert) survey Grouper list on ldaptive /VTLDAP config strings issue [Email done, responses received, need to summarize into wiki]

[AI]  (Bert)  status page for pspng (Gettes email) [Done, Move to Jira, work on at Global Summit]
• Status: Coded and doing final test before pushing to github, ETA: Commit & Patch today

[AI] (Bert) Marwan Shahar and deleting groups in pspng? (2/20?) [In progress, at least groups schema that require a member]
[AI] (Bert) 2/27: Paul Engle, I was excited when the grouper_loader_log seemed to indicate that the job finished in an hour or so. Less so once I looked at the log and realized it was actually still running its worker threads... :  [Reply, Same as Michael’s request]

[AI (Bert) document the findings somewhere on wiki on Grouper and openldap for large groups
[AI] (Chris) add TIER API to the Grouper download page and do testing
[AI] (Shilen) follow up with U Colorado on patches for accessibility and cc grouper-core
[AI] (Bert)  reply to Chris Sutherin UMBC on pspng examples [Bert to reply]
[AI] (Bert)  reply to Scott Koranda about massaging group names in provisioning
[AI] (Bert)  reply to Shaun K about name null in pspng
[AI] (Bert) to reply to Peter St Onge
[AI] (Bert) Jeffrey Crawford email 1/12, full sync missing members
[AI] (Bert)  Scott Koranda email 1/12, error on change log consumer psp
[AI] (Bert) email the list about (a small) Office365 versus Dropbox and next PSP project
[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia

Completed Action Items
[AI] (Shilen) verify that he sent a note to the list on patch for web services (Done)
[AI] (Bert)) reply to Nubli@IU PSPNG BushyDN OU Deletion (4/11) [Done, GRP-1550]
[AI] (Bert) Bert survey list on vt-ldap configuration strings being used for ldap subject sources and loader jobs [Done, Dup]
[AI] (Chris and Bert)  turn action items into JIRAs where appropriate (Chris done, Bert done)
 [AI] (Bert) create a JIRA for getting empty results from queries of a Grouper message, instead of blocking until there is a result [Done, Dup, GRP-1549]


• Agenda bash

◦ Carey has concern about Grouper and github and build process

◦ It tries to autobuild the repo and is failing

◦ If there is a new build model

◦ Carey votes - turn it off or fix it

◦ Can be misleading and make it look like things are broken

• [AI] (Chris) ask Misagh about Grouper and github and build process; it tries to autobuild the repo and is failing


Current work tasks
Vivek – Messaging strategies

Progress on RabbitMQ -
• We are going to pause the pool to get something out the door.

• Vivek implemented the fanout exchange since it's pretty basic and doesn't require a lot of configuration changes

• See Vivek’s email on ways RabbitMQ does topics

• Georgia Tech uses RabbitMQ and Bert could dig into that if needed

• TIER API group wants to use Grouper and RabbitMQ in their TechEx demo, may use messaging and real time loader updates, we need to coordinate with the TIER API group

• Would be cool to show triggers

• Discussion on how to handle jobs and tables for messaging

Chris – Grouper loader on UI , patches, deprovisioning
• Chris did new screen for Grouper Loader

• Can kick off a job there

• Shows all jobs and last status

• Give Chris any feedback

Next, Chris will work on deprovisioning

Bert – PSPNG
• Finished full sync life cycle and updating history rows.

• Worked on morph string, 

• encrypted passwords are working, some issues building the patch, there are string reference problems, chaining of dependencies, hope to finish this today

• Next projects: DNs and commas in group names, will add a flag so when provisioning groups where memberships are DNs there will be a flag for member attribute at DN,

• Escaping of DN characters

• Do this for only first component of the DN? What about OU?

• Does it make sense to give a warning for something that’s not right? 

• Check for what is following the comma.

• NIce reference for LDAP & Escaping:

Shilen – instrumentation, GSH NG?
• Shilen looking at differences between GSH script and Groovy

• Instead of using build in Groovy to run a file, could customize the process

• Shilen worked on a commit re obliterate stem

• GSH error handling can be problematic, you have to go to log to find error

◦ One idea, based on bash & errexit

▪ broken_command() would fail entire script

▪ broken_command() || true  would print and continue

• Change how Grouper Session handling is done? 

• Start a root session once a new GSH comes up?

Issue roundup
• UMD and one subject source

• Grouper and service accounts

• Empty ous in pspng GRP-1550

• GRP-1549: grouper built in message queues not blocking

• GRP-1551: ldap encrypted passwords

• includeExclude (opportunity for new UI functionality?)

• RabbitMQ pooling

• Paring down Grouper core list

• USDU disabled memberships fixed in patch

• Misagh and pspng doc updates

• Drew Zebrewski posix account provisioning

• Emails and UI (fixed in patch)

• Grouper and Jetty


Next Grouper Call : Wed. June 28 , 2017





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