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  • Grouper Call 14 Dec-2016
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Grouper Call Wed. Dec. 14, 2016 at noon ET


Chris Hyzer, U Penn, Chair

Shilen Patel, Duke

Bert Bee-Lindgren, GA Tech

Emily Eisbruch,  Internet2

New Action Items

[AI] (Chris) Handle issue of paging in some web service calls 

[AI] (Chris) records not deleted from change log table from columbia

[AI] (Chris) GRP-1418: removeMembers redirect to main page for non-wheel user with Admin priv but

[AI] (Chris)  Attribute framework documentation

[AI] (Chris)  GRP-1420: Member removal from group shows recent activity as GrouperSystem

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Chris) follow up on Diagnostic servlet needs patch

[AI] (Chris)  work on Attribute framework documentation

[AI] (Chris)  work on Get Groups lite WS paging

[AI] Chris find out more about PSP at Penn and how it’s going (apply latest pspng patches)

[AI] (Bert and Chris) discuss the best approach to groups requiring full sync

[AI] (Bert) email the Grouper users list on how to handle the “LDAP  must have member in group” issue

[AI] (Bert) follow up and reply to email on Hibernate Connection Pool issue

[AI] (Bert) look into Compile issue: Bert to look into it. Is Bert’s work area in sync?

[AI] (Bert) Follow up on Philip Harle issue of bushy groups in AD

[AI] (Bert) document how to build PSP NG and patch it  [Bert needs to finish last couple steps] (AI for Chris to try it afterwards)

[AI] (Chris) put “make_patch” command in github 

[AI] (Chris) Configure sources.xml as properties file, (In progress)

[AI] (Bert) Put these in jira: Grace Periods, Membership Rules, People/Account subjects 

[AI] (Bert) Start discussion about how to handle empty groups (not allowed in some LDAPs) and see if community can decide on a single approach

[AI] (Bert)  document the solution to “turn off old psp issue” that was raised on the list

[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia

[AI] (Chris) see if UI authn pulls from source.  I.e. if someone authenticated as GrouperSystem


Current work tasks

Vivek – Accessibility

Misagh – gradle

  • No updates

Chris – config overlays, patches, packaging, installer admin

Chris working with TIER Packaging Group

Grouper installer admin

Installer does basic install, but this installer admin is for tasks like stopping and starting database, Tomcat, Loader, finding out where logs are

  • Installer Admin could be used in future to sync your config files, reducing need for so many DIFs

  • Doing group refresh in provisioning

  • Taking off full provisioning of a group? (might be better for the UI)

Configuring sources.xml has been a source of many questions

  • Chris suggests a screen in the UI for this

  • First convert sources.xml to  properties

  • Shilen agrees there are many questions about sources.xml

Bert – PSPNG… Empty Group is next (conversation and coding)

Shilen – real time loader

  • Made progress on Loader

  • Patch for My memberships tab in the UI

Bill – TIER Grouper deployment guide

  • Making good progress with TIER API team

 Issue roundup

- newbie ldap help

- org hierarchies question

- confluence labels issue resolved

- idIndex question with pspng resolved? 

- (AI for chris) handle issue of paging in some web service calls 

- ehcache transition to grouper.cache.propertie 

- grouper patching can delete a file

- grouper installer admin tool can help you find your logs 

- (AI for chris) records not deleted from change log table from columbia

- grouper installer java check too restrictive 

- TIER provisioning discussion on the Friday TIER API Working Group calls (Bert will join these calls)

- org hierarchies

- WS paging

- ldap validators pull request

- error starting tomcat

- installer null pointer upgrade from tarball dir (fixed)

- AD questions

- source issues (lookup by subject ID, switching identifier and ID when filling out subject)

- external user web service issues (fixed in patch)

- (GRP-1431) Two links with label "More" appears on the same page

- (GRP-1432) Display of custom privilege choices are not announced

- (GRP-1391) PSPNG - Failing on missing members [fixed in patch 6 & 7]

- (GRP-1433) json in REST input disallows whitespace at end (fixed in patch)

- MaxPermSize requirement for Grouper Ui/WS running in Tomcat 6.x? (documented)

- Grouper at U of Toronto - thanks for the community contribution!

-  grouper installer should start hsql and loader in a new nohup process on linux   

- add tasks in installer to manage tomcat, grouperDaemon, database


- (GRP-1436) “Quick Links” is read as a button whereas it is actually an expandable list.

- Admin UI CSRF error adding subject from workspace (fixed in patch)

- Name and description coming up empty after upgrade to 2.3

- Subject source LDAP timeout 

- old records not removed from grouper_change_log_entry tablegm


Issue roundup originally from Nov 30 , 2016

the Nov 30 call was cancelled, so these items were reviewed these on the Dec 14, 2016 call

- (AI for chris) GRP-1418: removeMembers redirect to main page for non-wheel user with Admin priv but not update

- GRP-1391: PSPNG - Failing on missing members - Bert

- UW madison contrib updates - Thank you!

- (AI for chris) restart grouper hsql (DONE)

- (AI for chris) Attribute framework documentation

- (AI for chris) GRP-1420: Member removal from group shows recent activity as GrouperSystem

- shilen updated wiki for subject identifier col in members table

- (AI for chris) null pointer exception in grouper upgrade (DONE)

- Grouper admin wiki guide page

- Shilen finished GRP-1423: My memberships tab shows your memberships without taking into account security

- Fix installer issue with ehcache.xml

- Check java version on grouper installer

- Argonne inquiry

- Large grouper logo

Next Grouper Call: Wed Jan 11, 2017





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