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  • Grouper Call 13-Aug-2014
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Draft Minutes, Grouper call of Aug. 13, 2014

Tom Barton, U. Chicago, chair
Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania,
Gail Dunmire, The Pennsylvania State University
Bill Thompson, Lafayette College
Dave Langenberg, U. Chicago
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2, scribe

New Action Items

[AI] (Emily) schedule a rehearsal time for Sept 10th IAM online the week prior

[AI] (Emily) email a few campuses who have indicated on the list that they are starting Grouper 2.2 deployment re experiences, lessons learned in installing Grouper 2.2 (DONE)

[AI] (Gail) develop bullets about lessons learned from Grouper 2.2 installation

[AI] (Tom) follow up on Pen testing of Grouper 2.2

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Chris) look into the error message issue on the demo access issue if no EPPN is sent.
[AI] (Shilen) create a Grouper training video on the new Grouper UI

[AI) (DaveL) look at PSP ChangeLogDataConnector Inconsistency issue

[AI] (Shilen) investigate ways to get new attribtues in a single step


Planning for IAM Online on Grouper Sept. 10, 2014 at 2pm ET

Draft outline for IAM Online:

Focus on Grouper 2.2 deployment
Few if any campuses have Grouper 2.2 in production yet.
We could reach out to campuses who have been deploying Grouper 2.2 to ask for experiences, tips and "gotchas"
-Configuration file issues/changes may be important to mention

AI (Emily) email a few campuses who have indicated on the list that they are starting Grouper 2.2 deployment re experiences, lessons learned in installing Grouper 2.2 (DONE)

-The previous Grouper UI was sometimes considered hindrance.
-The new UI is such an advancement
-theme for IAM online of Sept 10 could include "Look at Grouper again" or "Take another look"

-Could orient the webinar to adopters and deployers
-Including an overview of the resources and skill sets you need
-Also cover cloud provisioning; many campus are interested in that

-For Grouper 2.3, we will focus on provisioning support
-Request some input and feedback

-Include performance stats and graphs if possible

Security and usability
CSRF Guard
Need to follow up on Pen testing of Grouper at U. Chicago.

[AI] (Tom) follow up on Pen testing of Grouper 2.2

Need to flesh out the items on the draft agenda and do a dry run for the IAM Online:

[AI] (Emily) schedule a rehearsal time for IAM online the week prior

Discussion of Provisioning Future Direction

Thanks to Dave for updating this wiki page:

Goal is to enable Grouper deployers to connect with their message queuing systems

Question: Should we provide own lightweight means of meeting the message queuing needs?
Or should we incorporate something into Grouper like ApacheMQ?

comment : we don't want to reinvent the wheel
Don't see the problem of packaging ActiveMQ along

comment: If we include our own queue and make it generic and if it can plug in with any queue and work with a cloud queue, then we don't need to package one.

suggestion: start with the Grouper Notifications (change log)
and add into the Grouper package some connectors that can work with message queueing systems

comment: you don't need different queues for different change log consumers.
Maybe Change Log Is not broken?

Gail: PSU is planning to go in the direction of what CMU is providing (ActiveMQ plus CMU's tool)

What are the relative advantages of AWS versus ActiveMQ?

There is great appeal to an approach that this does not require a big decision on message queuing at the enterprise level.
An approach that can be "submarined in" is attractive.

There is a longer term question around the software architecture and the scope of items the Grouper project wants to take on

Suggestion to have LDAP, AD, Google, AWS, and Active MQ connectors in the Grouper toolkit
And provide a configuration overlay to address each of those.
-Or include the connectors as part of the install?

-There should also be a consumer to accept messages into Grouper
-the connector should read and write

On Aug. 19 Dave will chat w MichaelG and look at his work around ActiveMQ.

Next Grouper Call: Wed. Aug. 27, 2014 at noon ET

Save the Date: IAM Online on Grouper: Wed. Sept 10 at 2pm

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